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Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada.

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My Original Favorite (and more)

Tolle was my favorite spiritual teacher for a decade, and he'll remain an all time favorite. However, I've recently discovered some new favorites!

Adyashanti & Pema Chodron

I'm curious if there are other Tolle fans who would share some of their favorites.

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Hi Paul, I, too have really enjoyed Eckhart's work over the years, and have also found Adya's and Pema's teachings to be some of the clearest and most accessible. One other newer teacher I'd really recommend is a younger man named Jeff Foster, who wrote a lovely book for Sounds True entitled, The Deepest Acceptance. What I love about Jeff is that he has found a contemporary, non-demominational sort of language in which he is able to express some of these absolute truths echoed by Eckhart and Adya, and also in a way that is deeply applicable to the everyday life of work, family, money, and relationships.

I always perk up when I find a fresh new way of sharing and writing about these deeply subtle matters - and, if you enjoy Eckhart, Adya, and Pema, you might really like Jeff's work as well!

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Eckhart's influence

Eckhart's work has had enormous influence on me. Early in my spiritual path, I was in a library and came across an audio version of The Power of Now. I had never heard of it and hadn't even listened to an audio program before but felt compelled to check it out. I listened to the entire program about 7 times over the next 2-3 years - realizing more with each listen. Eckhart's words and quiet rhythm of speech speak well to me and via audio the transmission is deeply felt. I have since read or heard most all of Eckhart's teachings and have found them all valuable. I often recommend an older Sounds True program to friends: Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain Body.

How did you first learn about Eckhart's teachings? What are everyone else's favorites? He has so many great quotes, perhaps we could post some here and share them...

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500 hours of Eckhart and counting...

In addition to my job at Sounds True, I'm a copywriter for, co-produced by Sounds True and Eckhart Teachings, so besides listening to all of the programs Sounds True has published with Eckhart Tolle, I've heard all of Eckhart's ETTV offerings since the site launched in mid-2009. I recently calculated that I've enjoyed well over 500 hours of Eckhart's teachings. My conclusion: I must have a dense pain-body, because apparently it has yet to dissolve, but I'm still optimistic....and I shudder to think where I'd be without the brilliant guiding light of Eckhart Tolle's wisdom.

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