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Introduce Yourself

Hello Sounds True Community,

I'm Joe D, Copy Chief and Trueski since 1999. I enjoy applying spiritual teachings to my disc golf game, playing mandolin in the acoustic trio high desert, and eating, among other things. My favorite Sounds True authors are Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, and Jack Kornfield.

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Happy to be here!

Dear friends, I have worked at Sounds True for more than 20 years - acquiring titles, writing, editing, and working closely with many gifted psychologists, psychotherapists, and spiritual teachers. I serve as editor of Many Voices, the Sounds True blog ( and am also editor for A Healing Space blog ( I'm co-organizer of The Wake Up Festival, Sounds True's annual five-day retreat held each year in the Rocky Mountains, where we gather to explore the nature and implications of spiritual awakening in the contemporary world.

Finally, I am a psychotherapist in private practice, and am finishing a doctoral dissertation in psychology, where I am researching the ways spirituality can and often does serve a defensive function, providing a means by which practitioners avoid unresolved, early emotional wounding.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of this community with you all!

Thank you,
Matt Licata

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nice to meet you!

Your theme of doctoral dissertation is really interesting. Maybe you have already published something on this topic?

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Alice Lawson
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Appreciative and thankful :)

Hello :) I am Alice and I am so very appreciative for the Sounds True experience. I feel the kindness, effort and sincerity of all being done by each person making Sounds True a trustworthy source for healing amd learning for those who are searching and traveling on their life's journey spiritually. The choices are wonderful and branch out over so many areas and traditions and guves a wide choice of possible healing paths and meditational streams. I am in some ways new to this but not toprayer. Often discovered I had some very similar expressions spiritually that did not resonate where I had been prior to coming here. I never seemed to be exoressingbor communicating in the same way as those in other organizational or religious programs or services except where I could just be a helper but not one among them that they welcomed otherwise. It was such a disconnect but then the realization came when I came among the sounds true experience and the journey was clear that I was cared about and welcomed and felt a belonging spiritually and compatibility that is gentle and real. I have so many learning modalities to choose from and feel a connectedness and the peace that I feel is naturally here and compatible. Thank you each and everyone who makes this all eork and the process of improving the downloaded library capacity too. I send my greetings with love and peacefulness and joy to you :)

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Namaste' I am a Quantum Biofeedback Practioner with SCIO and also do bio-acoustical voice profiles.
I AM In the genesis of creating a Light,Color,Sound and Vibration room with multi-sensory environment.

Great to be here,

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Welcome, ang393, lovely to

Welcome, ang393, lovely to have you with us!

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I'm a trinity... :-)

I am a secular buddhist and very interested in mindfulness learning and teaching. In terms of work life, I've been in internet technologies, project management and related for a number of years, but recently moved closer to my avocation and my passion, healing for the body and the mind. I am in the midst of acupuncturist training, and have laser therapist credentials as well as German auriculotherapy training. So first part of my trinity is Light Whisperer, laser therapist, and the second is Light Whisperer, mentor-coach, and the last part is the artist-writer-IT pioneer side, the Matriarch at crazy talking monkeys. If you have an interest in knowing more about that, you can go to and that will lead you to the rest.

However, I am here in this community because I have very much appreciated the awesome gifts of sound and audio teaching that Sounds True has been giving, and I've referred them on through my Facebook pages, because so many can appreciate and learn from them, too. When they started the community, I was keen to meet others who have been following.

So best regards to all, and happy to meet you!

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Lovely to have you with us,

Lovely to have you with us, Light_Whisperer!

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Hi, My name is Cindy,
I live in the woods of Southern Oregon with my Husband and sweet dog.
My interests are in Meditation, Course in Miracles, anything Aydayshanti, Marianne Williamson or Echkart Tolle.
I work hard to stay in the moment, fail more often then not.

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Got the facebook Soundstrue

My name is Lea, I am a Jehovah's Witness religiously, Buddhist psychologically, Course in Miracles student practically, and mindfulness student constantly, and I love SoundsTrue products and titles!


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Hello Everyone ~

My name is Jessica ~ just another human on the planet trying to find my way.... 

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Hi folks. I'm this 34 year old dude about to move to brooklyn, NY. I found adyashanti's teachings when i was 27 by accident. It felt like I was remembering everything he said instead of "learning" it. Be interested to hook up with other soundstrue people when i get to brooklyn!

eemail me at

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Aloha, all! My name is Karen. I am a psychiatric registered nurse and a marriage and family therapy intern, close to getting that coveted license. I come from a multicultural upbrining, my dad being IRish Catholic and my mom being Japanese, raised Buddhist. I got the best of both worlds, I think. My journey is one of reaching out and taking in whatever I can, even the not so good stuff, to strengthen my will to make it to the next day intact and with meaning. I look forward to sharing ideas and conversations with you all. 

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Greetings Sounds True Community

I've been following ST for a few years now and am so pleased to see this community. It's comforting to have a resource of people to go to in this vein of consciousness. Looking forward to meeting others and exchanging ideas. Sort of bounced around a little career wise until I discovered electronics. Taught people how to solder in contract mfg building circuit boards until the position of caregiver opened up in my family. Taking care of four people on disability soon became a full time thing and changed my job discription. It was a privledge being with my parents till they crossed over and now I'm with two brothers who can't take care of themselves- completely. This sight and others in the spiritual community have been a Godsend to me over the years and now , to be able to converse with like minded people is just icing on the cake.

Robb Kushner
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Greetings from Jersey City...

Howdy -- I'm Robb -- and I'm focused on nurturing small group conversations around the climate crisis and our responses to it - individually and collectively.

I'm starting an initiative called Climate Cafe to host these kinds of conversations, where people can share information as well as their own stories about how they relate to this great transition of our time.

I'm seeking to connect with organizations interesting in sponsoring these kind of gatherings for their staff.

Sending blessings out to you all.

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new to st community

hello!  i'm angela in louisville, ky.  interests are spiritual path, exercise and healthy living/eating to name a few.  came to sounds true through the writings of jack kornfield.  have experienced other wonderful books, audio cd's and music over the last 3.5 years. i've never belonged to a group like this and am trying it on for size. 

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introducing myself

hola, my nickname is mofwoofoo. i live in a clown/ artist magico eco community along a river in the andes. i am living my dream. i write a blog every week now for 3 years in the vilcabamba boletin/ newsletter and i love to write. i am and have been an activist most of my life and on my own spiritual path which now is more about living in authentic community. i hope to find brothers and sisters here to share our stories and ideas together. i don't like to identify with anything really and take no responsibility for what i say or do, since i may be under the control of the bacteria inside that make up most of who i am. that being said, i might add that we have a lot of freedom here, and for me, freedom without responsibility isn't freedom at all. we have just 3 priorities: unity, harmony, and personal integrity. and one rule: you have to do what you want to do. it works very well, conflict is extremely rare and one never hears aggressive talk. we share a lot of love and we all contribute much for the whole. i am very  grateful how things have been unfolding for me and the community and would like to share my blogs with you, since i am a great appreciator of rumi, rilke, and the golden thread of existentialism that winds its way through literature and philosophy all the way up to now. hope to find some authentic connections here. lots of love, mofwoofoo


ps. you can see us on facebook group: shambhalabamba community

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Introduce yourself

My name is Robert and I am glad to be here. I am new to the spiritual path and have been practicng Yoga for over a year. I am a big fan of Thomas-Ashley Ferrand from Sounds True. I look forward to listening to my new audio courses by Georg Feuerstein and Dr. Vasant Lad.

I enjoy listening and playing music,Yoga and family life.


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Hello Sounds True Community

My name is Andy and my wife Dorothy and I live north of Boston, MA.  We have spent the past decade developing a non-denominational, evidence-based, dogma-free spiritual practice that targets those who have yet, or have just recently embarked upon their spirtual journey.  The result is the Proactive Grwoth program.  I value the authors and content at Sounds True and look forward to actively participating within the community.

Love All Ways,


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I'm Dorothy, best friend, wife and business partner of Andy (see previous post).  Andy loves studying a wide range of topics from holisitc health to mind body medicine.  I love learning from him and practicing what he's learned as a Holistic Health Practitioner.  Together we love sharing what we've learned through our business at  SoundsTrue has lots to teach us and we look forward to discovering and learning.  


P.S. I am not a Golden Doodle!  That's Roxie, the other love of our lives! :)

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Hello beautiful people

I'm a Reiki Master, Artist and love listening to all things good. So glad to be here. This place is great!

Have a wonderful day in paradise :)

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Hellooooooo and much rejoicing

It's lovely to be a part of an ever expanding cirlcle of love. 

My name is Zoe, and I'm the road of discovery where my learnings I turn to teachings of children in schools and on holiday camps.

You can read more about me here: 

I love what this site does, and have enjoyed reading about the people who have left messages. So i say HI to you all. One love. xxxxx


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