Need help for YOGA

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Need help for YOGA

Hai Every Body... greating from me.

I am Yuriko and I am newbie here. I would like to start practicing Yoga again. As i am in Bora bora. I have no more intructor. Please help me to find the easy and good methode to practice Yoga by myself.

Thank you in advance to helping me



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Hi Yuriko, I am a newbie to the Sounds True community as well.  I commend you on your desire to practise yoga.  I am a yoga teacher but long before I was a teacher I was also a seeking student and really still am.  In the early days, I did not have the means to attend classes, I self-taught at home, and the very first book I used was Rodney Yee's Moving Toward Balance:  8 Weeks of Yoga.   It served me well and it is a book I refer to others who are taking the first step on the beautiful life-long path of yoga.  there are also many excellent resources here on Sounds True, but what I liked about Rodney's book was that it outlined the exact practice in detail for each day.  The Yoga International website (Himalayan Institute) also has a wealth of resources to the new and advanced practitioner of yoga.   Articles and video classes.  Recently, I downloaded Eng's Yin Yoga class from Sounds True and am really enjoying the balance that Yin provides to my regular Yang practice.  I also like Shiva Rea's Yoga Sanctuary which is an audio that comes with a booklet that explains the poses.    These are recommendations for once your foundation is set.   Hope this helps.   Namaste and all the best to you, Susan

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Hi Yuriko,

Hi Yuriko,

I don't practice yoga but I would like to also recommend Meditation for Yoga Lovers by Lorin Roche. Full-body meditation practice!

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