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I just moved to Miami and I am feeling alone

I am surprse that asked some people if they snow what mindfulness is and they have no clue.

i took my husband to a donctor's appointment and I asked him if he has heard of mindfulness as a treatment for pain and did know what was I talking about.

if you know of anay meetuos or groups that practice mindfulness in miami beach I will be interested.

thank you

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My correct name is Angus
I want to contact Michael Dash
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in response to Del844 seeking mindfulness groups in Miami Beach:

Hi, on meetup.com you can do a search for "mindfulness" or "meditation" and/or other keywords. 
You can enter the location - "Miami Beach, FL", or "Miami, FL" to yield more results. 
You will see that a number of meetup groups come up, such as this one:
Using the Meetup website is just one way, but I thought I'd pass it along as it is a platform I am familiar with and have used myself.
Best wishes on your path.


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