Self vs. self

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Self vs. self

I wonder how I know when I am acting out of Self rather than self? Sometimes I worry about "spiritual bypassing" I think its called... 



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Thanks for this question.

Thanks for this question. "Spiritual by-pass" is a term coined by the Grof's, it is similar to the Jungian notion of not working with or even repressing your Shadow. There are people who avoid the psychological part of the psycho-spiritual process, and this is very dangerous. I suspect the abuse that so many religious leaders engage in is due to their failure to do serious shadow-work. Working with the Shadow is working with narrow mind's darkest energies and learning how to channel them toward spacious mind. In Judaism we call the Shadow yetzer ha-rah, our capacity for evil and juxtapose it with yetzer ha-tov, our capacity for good.Working with Shadow means having compassion on yourself without excusing or rationalizing away the evil we do. More to your question: you know you are working with spacious mind or Self when compassion and justice are operative. The more compassion and justice you experience, or the more these motivate you, the more you are working from the Self.

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