On the Very Last Day

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On the Very Last Day

Wow. We did it: 21 days. It went faster than I had expected. Of course I have no idea how many of you are still with us, but I hope that most if not all of you are.

To those who have fallen behind: no worries. The material is avaialbe to you for some time. So take your time.

To those who have dropped out. Don't be too harsh on yourselves. In fact don't be harsh at all. Forgive yourself and move on.

And to those who made it all the way, what are you going to do tomorrow? Oh, wait! We still have one more phone conference. Why? Because saying good-bye is hard, and I offered to do talk with you all one more time to give us sense of closer. My hope is that this final phone call will be like Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show: lots of guests and tears. Maybe not.

Please call in. And let SoundsTrue know how you liked the course.