Resisting & going at your own pace

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Monica Ash
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Resisting & going at your own pace

I really appreciated hearing all the honestly from folks on the video conference last night with regard to feeling resistance and not keeping up with the lessons.  I was really feeling like I was falling behind, and some exercises I just wasn't mentally ready to do and I felt this "resistance" (and then guilt for resisting!  LOL!)  It felt good to hear Rabbi Rami say this is all to be expected when you are digging deep.  I was starting to feel like a forgiveness and compassion failure the last few days--so I forgive myself for resisting (and for judging myself!)  I just wanted to thank everyone for being courageous and sharing your feelings!  :)

Rabbi Rami
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thanks for this, Monica

When we put the Challenge together we knew we were asking a lot from you all. But we didn't want to dumb this down. So, as we said, relax and just do what you can.

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