Your Energetic Power: How to Magnetize People, Events, and Opportunities in Your Life

with Cyndi Dale
Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 8–9 p.m. ET

A Free Online Event to Tap the Power of Your Energy Body

We know we are more than just physical beings—we are also energetic beings, and from that subtle level we can begin to transform every facet of our lives. As leading intuitive and energy-medicine expert Cyndi Dale teaches, our energy body is our means for communicating with the external world what we do and do not wish to experience in life.

With Your Energetic Power, Cyndi invites you to a free online event to help you begin to work with your body's subtle energy not only to keep out harmful influences, but perhaps more importantly, to attract what is needed to support your highest potential and unfoldment.

Do you pick up on emotions that aren't your own? Do you suffer from repetitive patterns that you can't seem to change, or feel as if you're “jinxed”? Do you lose all your vitality when certain people are around? Do you face issues with your finances, work, health, or relationships that never seem to get any better no matter how hard you try?

If any of that sounds familiar, this is the online event for you. Join Cyndi Dale to learn to work with your body's subtle energy to restore healthy boundaries and begin living a life of greater fulfillment and possibility. Along with participants from all over the world, you'll explore the four primary energetic boundaries, the seven most common boundary dysfunctions, exercises and guided practices to magnetize helpful individuals and other support, and much more.

A healthy energy body is the foundation for a healthy life. Your Energetic Power is offered to assist you maintaining this essential aspect of personal wellness and integrity, as you learn to spot energetic problems, heal underlying issues, and start attracting a life aligned with your highest aspirations.

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