23 Intuitive Development Exercises
You Can Try Right Now
23 Intuitive Development Exercises You Can Try Right Now

Explorations Overview

Each of us is able to access deep levels of knowing and feeling to help us to make clearer decisions, find meaning and happiness, and be there more fully for others. By learning to consciously develop skills in intuition, we can create a richer life for ourselves and those around us. We invite you to use your own intuition to choose whichever category of this channel is most interesting and relevant for you. Jump right in to discover new ways of opening yourself to the flow of intelligence and love that resides within.

The first section—Healing and Intuition—offers you innovative teachings and exercises from luminaries in the field, designed to help you access your own intuition to bring healing into your life and the life of those around you. Through insightful teachings and powerful guided practices, you will tap directly into this inner reservoir of innate healing wisdom.

The next section—Chakras, Dreams, and Intuition—explores the power of working consciously with your dreams and working directly with your chakra system to awaken the intelligent flow of energy within. As you become more acquainted with this intelligent flow, you naturally awaken to who you are and the nature of reality around you.

We conclude with a section on Divination, Past Lives, and Shamanism. Here, you will learn powerful techniques to enter into non-ordinary states of consciousness to obtain information that will allow you to learn more about yourself, to develop spiritually, and to help others. Including a number of powerful guided practices, this section will open you to the innate intuitive abilities that we all possess.

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