The Healing Pulse: New Music from the Sounds True Collection

Tracks include:

1. "Blessings" by Singh Kaur from Kundalini Meditation Music

This etheric track transports the listener straight into the higher realms. It is designed to move the negative into the positive, and thus can be used to draw blessings into your life. Because of its soothing nature, this track is also a great complement to sleep and relaxation. You can chant along or simply listen.

2. "Servant of Peace" by Snatam Kaur from The Essential Snatam Kaur

These sacred words were written by Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, and Saint Francis of Assisi. The mantra helps remove both physical and energetic blocks in your life.

3. "Teyata" by Deva Premal from Into Light

This chant is offered as a prayer to remove illness and bring forth healing.

4. "Shyama Bolo" by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach from Bhakti Bazaar

In the tradition of bhakti yoga, Radhe and Shyam (or Krishna) are known as the original divine couple who live and love at the center of the infinite lotus that is this universe. "Their loving romance is the source of all the emotions that we experience in this world", explains Jai Uttal. "When we sing their names, we are bringing their presence into this world in the form of sacred sound, and, as the intensity of our singing increases, we are begging them to let us join their dance."

5. "Rise of the Phoenix" by Glen Velez from Rhythms of the Chakras Volume 2

A composition from the Grammy®-winning percussionist that is intended to help balance the first chakra. As you listen, notice what sensations arise in your body as you move to the rhythm. Alternately, you can remain still and meditate, focusing mental energy on the first chakra while the music is playing.

6. "Midnight Raga" by John de Kadt from Rhythms of the Infinite

Join percussionist John de Kadt for a rhythmic journey through a trance-like soundscape that evokes a sense of infinite space and serenity.

7. "Birdwing" by Riley Lee from Shakuhachi Water Meditations

In the tradition of the Zen bamboo flute, the player does not actively seek to imitate the sounds of nature—instead, he creates music that speaks to us in the same voice as the natural world. Shakuhachi Grandmaster Riley Lee shares an original work inspired by James Pritchett's poem of the same name.

8. "Return to Peace" by Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem from Vibrational Sound Healing

Experience a sonic journey into the subtle realms of music as medicine, with this soothing track that can also be used to facilitate relaxation, inspiration, and meditation.