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That time of the year

I have found that mindfulness practice allows me to be present to life. I welcome this life even as I complete yard work. Watching the thoughts and emotions move and change as the body moves and works. This summer day,

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Split Rock

Sometimes it is easy to sit still and the mind is seduced into quiet by the environment surrounding it, an expanse of sky blue and clear, the sound of waves touching the shore and a pristine beach still untouched by

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Meeting a Hiccup

In the language of mindfulness practice, we often talk about “meeting” this moment as it is. While the past and future frame this moment, meeting is being present to now, the only moment we have. I have encouraged others and

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The Gift of Blur

I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 years old. I remember the smell of Dr. Karnett’s office, the optometrist who fitted me with my first pair of cat-eye glasses. And I remember, quite vividly, when I put those glasses on

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Waking with a Boom

The other day I was hit by a boom. I was getting out of a sailboat at our community boating club just finishing a lesson. My instructor said, “You can get out now” and I was so relieved that I

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