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I met my friend for lunch today. It is a tradition we have maintained for many years. The two of us met at a mental health clinic over thirty years ago (hard to believe). It was before I knew of

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This morning I woke up feeling annoyed. I noticed it as a mental state more than a sensation in my body, an irritability that was accompanied by repeated thoughts about how X wasn’t how I wanted X to be…I’ve learned

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Simple Pleasures

I’ve been craving being home lately. This is a surprise. I love venturing out into the world and the stimulation of the sights, sounds and smells of other ventures. One of my favorite activities is walking down a city street

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Change and Continuity

There is a saying here in New England where I live that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. My cousin, who travels a great deal and is quite knowledgeable about things like

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Being Awake

Winter is coming here on the east coast, which means the light is diminishing and it’s colder. When I wake up in the morning, I talk to myself wondering if I can snuggle in a bit more under my blanket

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The Ball Game

I normally don’t watch television but the other day I turned it on to watch the Red Sox. It was game six of the World Series and it had the potential to be a history making game, the first time

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  I am currently in the air in transit to San Francisco. My niece Anna is getting married and the family is gathering. It is a joyous occasion yet my mind races ahead with worries. This wedding is a major

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I checked the weather this morning and learned that up north the leaves are filled with color. I am in the southern part of New England and still surrounded by green. I know this is temporary and will change. I

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Split Rock

Sometimes it is easy to sit still and the mind is seduced into quiet by the environment surrounding it, an expanse of sky blue and clear, the sound of waves touching the shore and a pristine beach still untouched by

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Waking with a Boom

The other day I was hit by a boom. I was getting out of a sailboat at our community boating club just finishing a lesson. My instructor said, “You can get out now” and I was so relieved that I

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