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Neither Pleasant Nor Unpleasant

Some things I like: The first taste of my morning fruit and cereal—followed by the first drink of hot green tea or coffee. There is a particular pleasure of sweet followed by bitter warmth that is delicious. The second and

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Friending the World

I just got a friend request on Facebook from an old colleague. If you’re active on Facebook even a little, you may be familiar with this process. When you confirm the invitation, Facebook reveals a whole list of people you

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Animal Dreams

In the middle of the night, I wake to the sound of my dog’s tail slapping the floor. I smile—which is not my usual response to being awake at 3 am. Ty, my 75-pound, 10-year old yellow Labrador Retriever is

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Feeling Time

Each evening I literally ride off into the sunset. My hour plus commute heads almost due west, and I track my way home following daylight’s fade. In the height of summer, this might be only a slow dimming as the

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Mindful shopping

It’s not been unusual for me, after a long week, to find myself on an excursion to the mall for new gloves or a piece of jewelry. After reaching some milestone, I’m as likely to celebrate by buying a scarf

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The (Surprising) Life of Practice

  I make sure, most days, I rise early enough to sit with myself in meditation. To do this, most nights I head to bed earlier than my partner so I can be fully awake for practice the next morning,

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Honoring the Sabbath… whenever and however it’s possible

The word “Sabbath” translates as “rest,” and is universally honored in traditions all over the planet in various ways. Typically, the Sabbaths denotes not just a turning away from ordinary daily activities such as commerce, work, and errands, but a

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The Gift of Blur

I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 years old. I remember the smell of Dr. Karnett’s office, the optometrist who fitted me with my first pair of cat-eye glasses. And I remember, quite vividly, when I put those glasses on

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