Coming Together Now

The question “where are you from?” has always been a little complicated for me to answer. I moved a fair amount as a child and young adult, living on the West Coast, South, Mid-West, South-West, and East Coast. (All this moving, and I am not from a military family.) I know that I am a product both of these locations and cultures as well as the moving itself. I have transplanted my “roots” so often that I have not always valued the connections to the land and the people. In the not too distant past, I lived the belief of “why bother getting to know others since I will only move away in a year or two.” I just kept moving and living in the future, unaware of any connections.

It is only recently that I have begun to appreciate the reality of life as interconnected. I see the connections as I work and play with family and friends. I feel the connections as I fail and disappoint others and yet choose to maintain the relationships instead of running away. I know the connections as I walk through the autumn woods and see rock walls built by hands long gone. Connections are revealed to me as former students share how a story or an experience with me has influenced their lives and those that they touch. This opening to interconnections has been promoted through my mindfulness practice.

Being grounded in the now, has made me aware of the connections to the past, future, and all those around me, known and unknown. Knowing these connections offers the gift of giving and receiving the support of others. I wish to continue to wake up to the connections of all living beings.

If you share this same sense of connectedness, this week I invite you to join me in attempting to reflect upon and live more fully in this life of interconnectedness.

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