Moving with Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is often thought of as a static or seated activity. But cultivating present moment awareness is something that can be done as a moving practice as well. In Moving with Mindfulness, you will experience five engaging excerpts from our esteemed video archive that will help you unify body and mind, clear energy blockages, and stimulate your body's innate healing ability.

Tracks include:

1. "Mindful Movement #1: Raising the Arms" by Thich Nhat Hanh from Mindful Movements

Thich Nhat Hanh guides you through the first of ten meditative movements used daily by the monks and nuns of Plum Village as a complement to their sitting practice.

2. "Shoelace Pose" by Kim Eng from Yin Yoga

Kim Eng teaches us a gentle sequence called "shoelace pose" to cultivate presence, receptivity, and acceptance toward each moment just as it is.

3. "Qi Massage" by Lee Holden from Qi Gong for Self-Healing

Discover a practice that stimulates qi flow throughout the body, removes stagnant energy and blockages, and activates the immune system.

4. "Classical Sun Salutation" by Shiva Rea from Yoga Shakti

Shiva Rea guides you in this classical yoga practice to connect to your own vitality, strength, and fluidity.

5. "Dance of the Four Elements" by Wyoma from African Healing Dance

Experience Africa's unique dance heritage through this enjoyable dance intended to connect us with the earth's energies.