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Robert Peng

Robert Peng is an internationally renowned qigong master capable of generating healing energy through his hands with power equal to a potent electrical charge. He has used his...

AM/PM Qigong

Gentle Energy Practices to Start and End Your Day

Robert Peng

from Sounds True

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Yin and yang—the energies of Qi—have specific qualities. Yang is activating, energizing, and uplifting; while yin restores, calms, and soothes us. In the practice of Qigong, both are equally important to our health and happiness. With AM/PM Qigong, viewers join Master Robert Peng to learn two beginner-friendly practices for kick-starting your day with vibrancy and joy, and winding down for a restful, healing sleep. "Good Morning Qigong" combines gentle stretches and invigorating exercises with guided meditation to awaken you to your true nature as awareness itself. "Good Evening Qigong" modifies the morning routine for nighttime, soothing, relaxing, and nourishing the entire body. Although intended for morning and evening practice, these 30-minute exercises can be used effectively at any time during the day when you need to pick up the pace or to slow things down.

AM/PM Qigong also brings you a special supplementary practice that Master Peng calls the "Lotus Meditation," a 24-minute guided visualization to awaken the heart and connect us to divine love.

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Contents 1 DVD (1 hour, 35 minutes)
Date Published August 01, 2014
ISBN-10 1-62203-378-7
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Dimensions 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
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Date Published August 01, 2014
ISBN-10 1-62203-409-0
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Customer Reviews

By Teri J
Date Added: Wednesday 27 August 2014
Outstanding. New material not covered in the book and matching video, so I found this extremely useful. Well explained and beautifully executed.
By raydiant
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August 2014
at times the soundtrack is too redundant, but otherwise a wonderful blessing. beautiful experience.

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