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Rubin Naiman

Rubin Naiman, PhD, is an internationally recognized leader in integrative sleep and dream medicine. He is director of Circadian Health Associates, an organization that provides information, goods and services in support of sleep health. Dr. Naiman is the sleep specialist and...

Ask the Sleep Doctor

Relieve Insomnia, Sleep and Dream Deeply, Wake Up Refreshed

Rubin Naiman

from Sounds True

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“Dr. Naiman is truly a pioneer in integrative sleep and dream medicine.”
—Andrew Weil, MD, author of Healthy Aging

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer silently by night and drag through the day? You’re not alone—over half of all adults struggle with insomnia and an array of associated health concerns. Before you spend another night tossing and turning, here’s your opportunity to learn from Ask the Sleep Doctor how to access your natural ability to fall and stay asleep, dream deeply, and wake up refreshed.

In this three-part audio series, you are invited to learn the secrets of healthy sleep from Dr. Rubin Naiman, one of today’s top sleep experts and a professor at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. According to Dr. Naiman, our modern sleep troubles arise because we have lost touch with our true understanding of what sleep is. “Sleep is not the mere absence of waking,” teaches Dr. Naiman, “but the presence of peace and serenity.” Follow Dr. Naiman’s sessions at the pace that’s most beneficial for you as he explores:

  • What is sleep? Dr. Naiman outlines the essentials of healthy sleep, including proper nutrition, the optimum environment, and a recognition of the spiritual role of sleep
  • What is waking? How we can reconnect with our natural rhythms in order to get the most out of our down time
  • What is dreaming? Discover how you can enrich your waking life by deepening your experience of dream consciousness
  • Practical exercises—falling mindfully asleep, the sacred art of awakening, and the waking dream
  • Real questions—each session includes Dr. Naiman’s answers to questions submitted by participants in his November 2011 live event

Dr. Naiman has emerged as a pioneering authority on sleep because he integrates both the scientific and the spiritual aspects of the complete sleep experience. “I strongly believe that sleep is a fundamentally sacred process that can significantly support our health, our happiness, and our spiritual growth,” teaches Dr. Naiman. With Ask the Sleep Doctor, Dr. Naiman reveals how you can naturally relieve insomnia, overcome dream loss—and reclaim the true gift of deep, revitalizing sleep.

Ask the Sleep Doctor includes a complete version of live Q&A sessions recorded with Dr. Rubin Naiman in November 2011.

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Date Published January 19, 2012
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Customer Reviews

By James S
Date Added: Monday 28 October 2013
Nice little course, helpful information, good value.
I enjoyed it.
By Malathi M
Date Added: Monday 9 September 2013
It is a great program and the download was very easy and good.
By Terrie Lyons. Ph.D.,P.C.
Date Added: Tuesday 13 December 2011
Great information and interaction with the listening audience. I liked
your process of asking for emailed questions, although my question never got read.

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