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Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing

8 Techniques to Revitalize Your Health

Andrew Weil

Learn eight breathing exercises that Dr. Weil has prescribed to hundreds of his patients.
CD: US $18.71
US $24.95 25% Off
Audio Download: US $13.98
US $17.47 20% Off
CE Credits: US $8.00

Your Breathing Body

Beginning Practices for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Fulfillment

Reginald A. Ray

Part one of a landmark breathwork and meditation course from a Tibetan Buddhist scholar.
CD Vol. 1: US $59.96
US $79.95 25% Off
Download Vol. 1: US $44.78
US $55.97 20% Off
CD Vol. 2: US $59.96
US $79.95 25% Off
Download Vol. 2: US $44.78
US $55.97 20% Off

The Musical Body: Harmonizer

A Transformational Musical Journey to Awaken Your Energetic Body

David Ison

Release energetic blockages created by accumulated emotional and physical stress.
CD: US $9.58
US $11.98 20% Off
Audio Download: US $7.99
US $9.99 20% Off

Chakra Breathing Meditations

Layne Redmond

A healing rhythm session for chakra breathwork and movement-based meditation.
Audio Download: US $4.99

The Breathing Box

Four Weeks to Healthy Breathing

Gay Hendricks

You take 20,000 breaths a day—here's how to turn each one into a health-enhancing act.
Home Study Course: US $20.21
US $26.95 25% Off

Taoist Breathing

Ken Cohen

A three-stage Taoist practice to transform your breathing patterns for better health.
Audio Download: US $4.99

Meditations for Inner Freedom

Swami Srinivasananda

Swami Srinivasananda will help you find a place of stillness, limitless power, and bliss.
CD: US $9.58
US $11.98 20% Off
Audio Download: US $7.99
US $9.99 20% Off

Power Breathing

Prana Practices for Health and Vitality

Master Stephen Co

Daily breathing practices to recharge and purify your body’s vital energy system.
CD: US $14.96
US $19.95 25% Off
Audio Download: US $11.18
US $13.97 20% Off

Meditations for Happiness and Optimum Well-Being

Andrew Weil

Two powerful exercises: breathwork for emotional stability and a meditation on gratitude.
Audio Download: US $4.99

Yoga Breathing

Guided Instructions on the Art of Pranayama

Richard Freeman

Two practice sessions guide you, breath by breath, to greater vitality and health.
CD: US $18.71
US $24.95 25% Off
Audio Download: US $13.98
US $17.47 20% Off

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