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Stephen Aizenstat

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is the chancellor and founding president of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology and his own research for more than 35 years. His Dream Tending methodologies extend traditional dream...


Techniques for Uncovering the Hidden Intelligence of Your Dreams

Stephen Aizenstat

from Sounds True

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Have you ever had a dream that surprised or mystified you? Did the people and places in that dream seem to be as real as your waking life? If so, teaches Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, you may have already discovered the astonishing truth: that your dreams are—very literally—alive. On DreamTending, Dr. Aizenstat invites you to tap into the "world unconscious"—the living, dreaming mind of the universe itself.

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Course objectives:

  • Describe techniques for uncovering the hidden meaning of your dreams
  • Utilize new, more powerful ways to access the wisdom of your dreams
  • Demonstrate a way to engage interactively with dream figures and learn what they have to teach you
  • Identify ways of working with dreams in relation to health and illness
  • List methods of remembering dreams
  • Discuss the four ideas that Dream Tending orients around

Everything Is Dreaming
Why do we dream? How does our dream life influence our physical, mental, and spiritual health? For more than 25 years, clinical psychologist and Pacifica Graduate Institute founder Stephen Aizenstat has investigated the therapeutic and spiritual use of dreams throughout the world.

His remarkable conclusion: that our dreams immerse us in the vast multidimensional psyche of Nature (the cosmos), where everything is dreaming—every person, creature, plant, and object. Here, in this communal realm, we can interact with and listen to other dream visitors to heal ourselves, help others, and gain new insights from the hidden intelligence of our dreams.

A Revolutionary New Course in Dreamwork

DreamTending immerses you in this powerful and expansive form of dreamwork. Through more than seven hours of in-depth instruction—including dozens of proven dream techniques—you will enter and explore the three essential levels of DreamTending:

  • Association—How to understand the events, characters, and settings of your dreams to unravel emotional and subconscious obstacles
  • Amplification—How to use archetypes, myths, and universal symbols to decode your dream life
  • Animation—How to experience your dreams as "living images," a direct connection to Nature itself

If you've always felt that your dreams are part of something far greater than your own mind—and have been wanting to "break through"—here are the tools you need—with Stephen Aizenstat's DreamTending.

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Customer Reviews

By Laura C
Date Added: Monday 30 September 2013
Stephen Aizenstat's approach has opened up a whole new, multidimensional world of dreamwork to me. it's a program to return to, and I suspect I'll be working with the material he presents-- in a very accessible and inviting way-- for the rest of my life.
By christiaan van den steen
Date Added: Monday 20 April 2009
By karin bode
Date Added: Wednesday 23 November 2011
Mr Aizenstadt has a different approach of taking care of dreams., not analyzing but tending for them. I have enjoyed listening to him and have learned a lot from him. Thank you.

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