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Ann Marie Chiasson

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, is Canadian Board Certified in family practice. She has a private integrative and energy medicine practice in Tucson, Arizona, where she offers consultations,...

Energy Healing

The Essentials of Self-Care

Ann Marie Chiasson

from Sounds True

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Where does true wellness start? For thousands of years, traditional healers have been able to detect and correct imbalances at the energetic level in order to heal our physical ailments. Today, these traditions are expanding the medical understanding of our subtle anatomy and its role in our overall well-being. With Energy Healing, integrative physician Ann Marie Chiasson offers a complete guidebook of easy-to-use energy practices to enhance your health and vitality. Drawing from the material she teaches at Dr. Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Chiasson explores:

  • Our subtle anatomy—understanding the chakras, meridians, and the key principles of energy healing
  • Self-diagnosis techniques for detecting the movement of energy in our bodies—even if you've never sensed energy before
  • Practices for daily self-care and specific techniques to address energy blocks often seen in common illnesses and health issues
  • Why our energy wanes as we age, and how we can replenish our vitality from sources in the world around us
  • Your body as your teacher—insights for adapting and developing your own energy healing techniques

In creating this book Dr. Chiasson has selected the methods she has found to be most accessible, effective, and beneficial in the long-term—informed by the latest research, healing traditions from around the world, and her own practice. With Energy Healing, she presents an indispensible guide for understanding the energetic dimension of your well-being and essential tools to help you take charge of your own health.

“This book is an excellent guide for anyone interested in exploring energy as a means of maintaining healthy, dynamic living.”
—from the foreword by Andrew Weil, MD

“Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson does the impossible: she demystifies energy medicine without eradicating the mystery. Using her own personal stories as well as those of the patients she has cared for, she makes visible the unifying principles shared by systems as diverse as the chakras, qi, and the matrix. In so doing, she puts centuries of wisdom at our fingertips. If you want to learn energy medicine, this is the book to read.”
—Victoria Maizes, MD, executive director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and professor of clinical medicine, family medicine, and public health at the University of Arizona

“Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson shares a powerful and practical manual on how to harness the innate life force that surrounds and interpenetrates our very lives. It allows everyone access to energetic techniques once kept secret in many healing traditions.”
—Master Stephen Co, founder of Pranic Healing and author of The Power of Prana

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Customer Reviews

By Lucia Maya
Date Added: Saturday 16 February 2013
This wonderful book is clear, easy to read, and excellent for beginners and experienced energy healers alike! It offers practical and usable techniques, as well as stories that provide experiences we can all relate to.
By Alan S
Date Added: Monday 4 February 2013
This is my second order of this DVD - for my sister this time. She loves it too. Thank you.
By Renata J
Date Added: Sunday 29 June 2014
The book filled important gaps on my journey of discovering energy work. I created those gaps by tapping into variety of techniques, wanting "quick fix" for my emotional issues.
I am stepping into a new phase in which I understand importance of an intention behind an action.

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