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Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo is a poet and philosopher who has taught in the fields of poetry and spirituality for over 35 years. A New York Times #1 bestselling author, he has published 13 books and recorded eight audio projects. Mark has been interviewed twice by Oprah Winfrey as part...

Holding Nothing Back

Essentials for an Authentic Life

Mark Nepo

from Sounds True

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A Poet's Guidance for the Practice of True Self-Expression

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Course objectives:

  • Discuss the transformative journey of holding nothing back as a practice of truth and love.
  • Define our soul's calling, or what we are called to do, and the call of the soul, or the continual call to aliveness.
  • Discuss paradox: being alone and belonging, as well as effort and grace as the path of oneness.
  • Define and discuss enthusiasm, obstacles, and sincerity as teachers on the transformative journey toward living an authentic life and awakening.
  • Practice deepening the discussions with suggested reflection, writing exercises, storytelling, ritual and meditation.

All spiritual traditions affirm that fully participating in our own life is what allows us to find our place in the fullness and beauty of the world. As such, holding nothing back is less a forceful act of will and more a surrender into the current of life we are always in. In Holding Nothing Back, Mark Nepo invites us to enliven the one obligation we are born with: to be completely who you are. Our reward is nothing less than the realization that “all of life is in whatever moment we wake to.” Holding Nothing Back illuminates:

  • The Fall into Life—our inevitable journey into what is real, and how we only find meaning through relationship
  • Alone and Together—the paradox of being and belonging and how we need both solitude and community
  • The Mystery of Transformation—staying true to the spirit within while the person carrying it keeps evolving

“To hold nothing back means staying committed to letting whatever we experience make its way in and letting whatever is in make its way out,” explains Nepo. “Holding nothing back means holding the intention to be an open vessel, in a daily way.” Here is his passionate call to each of us to find and befriend the quiet courage to bring all of who we are to every step we take through the miraculous world.

Excerpted from the full-length audio program Staying Awake.

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Date Published April 01, 2012
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Customer Reviews

By gary w
Date Added: Tuesday 15 July 2014
Great content and storytelling manner, this audiobook especially speaks to me, as i also come from the New York area where the author is from too. His wisdom, wit and warmth also connect with me as a fellow Jewish person with similar background and ancestry.
By Dr. Jeanne C. F
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
Mark's wisdom is comforting, challenging and deeply accessible. I'm so grateful for this CD and have invited my clients to listen.
By Trista B
Date Added: Wednesday 2 October 2013
Wow, it was like meeting a kindred spirit. What a lovely two hours. He is a beautiful artist of words and such an inspiration to rise to your full potential and look at challenges through a shifted kaleidoscope.
By Mary L
Date Added: Saturday 29 June 2013
Mark Nepo's work on this project exceeds my expectations. I quite enjoy his combination of philosophy and poetry. Thank you, Sounds True, for the opportunity to experience mark's wisdom.
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