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Joseph Goldstein

Joseph Goldstein has been leading insight and lovingkindness meditation retreats worldwide since 1974. He is a cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and the Forest Refuge. Since 1967, he has studied and practiced different forms of...


Six Guided Practices for Awakening

Joseph Goldstein

from Sounds True

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A Classical Training Program in Mindfulness Meditation

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Course objectives:

  • Discuss the four foundations of mindfulness as a way to maintain moment-by-moment mindfulness, including mindfulness of the body, mindfulness of feelings, mindfulness of mind and mindfulness of thought.
  • Discuss the four instructions for mindfulness of the breath
  • Practice each of the four foundations of mindfulness through guided meditation
  • Practice each of the four instructions for mindfulness of the breath through guided meditation

The profound techniques of Vipassana (or insight meditation) are all rooted in the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha's practice-oriented teaching on the four foundations of mindfulness. With Mindfulness, Joseph Goldstein brings you a series of core teachings and guided practices for "looking directly at the nature of the mind and body, at how suffering is created, and how we can awaken and be free." Designed to complement his book of the same title, as a stand-alone tool for daily practice, or for anyone wanting to go deeper in their experience of mindfulness, these profound meditations include:

  • Mindfulness of the Elements—a practice for relating to your body not through concepts but as a constantly changing energy field
  • Mindfulness of Feelings—discover how the experience of our sense perceptions conditions our reactions in the mind and our actions in the world
  • Mindfulness of Mind—how we recognize skillful and unskillful states of mind and thought
  • Big Sky Mind—an expansive practice for resting in a mind that is spacious enough to hold all of our experience in the light of pure awareness

"The term 'mindfulness' may seem to indicate something quite ordinary and prosaic," explains Goldstein, "but the quality of mind it refers to has tremendous transformative power in our lives." With Mindfulness, now you have a set of time-tested tools for opening to the ultimate goal of practice: liberation.

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Customer Reviews

By Swas Tan
Date Added: Saturday 13 September 2014
I love listening to Joseph Goldstein. His voice is so pleasing and genuine, one that can only emanate from his own practice of the Dhamma. For anyone serious in Vipassana Meditation, I strongly recommend you to read the book as well as listening to the audio. It will remain as a trustworthy guide to me for a long time just as Joseph's other books that I have benefited through the years. Thank you so much Joseph !
By Carl C
Date Added: Friday 4 April 2014
Spacious, concise guidance.
By Mary R
Date Added: Tuesday 11 February 2014
I'm using this every day....love it! Joseph Goldstein is so clear and helpful in explaining all that is involved in meditation practice. So very helpful.
By Catherine W
Date Added: Tuesday 31 December 2013
The clearest most basic of language to set me into a state of meditation and mindfulness. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Thank you.
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