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Stephen Levine

Stephen Levine is a poet and teacher of guided meditation healing techniques. He and his wife and spiritual partner, Ondrea, have counseled the dying and their loved ones for more than 30 years. Stephen Levine's bestselling books Healing into Life and Death;A Gradual...

Opening the Heart of the Womb

Stephen Levine

from Sounds True

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For 20 years, Stephen and Ondrea Levine have supported thousands of people caught in the aftermath of grief and loss, including many women deeply hurt by sexual trauma. Now, on Opening the Heart of the Womb, Stephen Levine addresses this hidden heartache, offering a gentle three-part guided meditation.

When a woman's “lower heart” or womb grows numb due to violation, miscarriage, abortion, or even PMS, Levine teaches, her “upper heart” closes down too, leaving her entire emotional and spiritual life in shadow. There is a way to create the safety and nurturance that both “hearts” need to open once again, Stephen Levine says. By practicing this gentle and unique meditation, you can reawaken the joy you lost, and open up to love again. At last, here is a program created specifically to help women reclaim both body and spirit, shared by this trusted teacher and bestselling author.

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Date Published April 01, 2007
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