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Lee Holden

Lee Holden is an internationally celebrated Qi Gong master. He is also a well known television personality who has appeared regularly on PBS. In 2009, he was honored by the International Chi Gong Association. Lee is a licensed Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist and the...

Qi Gong for Health and Healing

An Online Training Course to Unleash the Power of Your Life-Force Energy

Lee Holden

from Sounds True

Self-Guided Video Course: US $79.00
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1. Course introduction
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Discover Qi Gong’s Secrets for More Energy, Less Stress, and Better Health

People who regularly practice qi gong report truly remarkable results, from starting every day full of vitality, to overcoming serious illness, to genuine spiritual awakening. But finding a teacher for training in this celebrated practice can be challenging. With the Qi Gong for Health and Healing “on demand” online course, qi gong master and doctor of Chinese medicine Lee Holden invites you to an eight-week program for working with life-force energy in order to achieve our full potential.

This program makes Lee Holden’s popular live online course available for you to use at your own pace. Its media-rich curriculum is designed to keep you on task and well-supported as you learn the daily joys of qi gong practice. This immersive program with Lee Holden brings you six hours of video instruction, six hours of audio content, and two helpful Q&A audio sessions—all of which you download and keep—plus an online workbook. Discover self-healing practices that use gentle acupressure to influence qi flow; qi gong movements and meditations to balance and heal emotions; the Six Healing Sounds Practice to detoxify major organ systems; how to work with the body’s meridian system; the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation for circulating energy throughout the body while opening to spiritual insight; and much more.

Is adding qi gong to your life worth your valuable time? For millions of healthier and more energy-connected people around the world, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

“One thing is certain,” explains Lee Holden. “The more you engage in the practice of qi gong, the greater your return will be.”

Qi Gong for Health and Healing Highlights

  • Qi gong for self-healing—simple acupressure techniques for activating your body's healing points
  • Emotions as energy—qi gong movements and meditations to balance and heal emotions
  • The Healing Sounds Practice—detoxify your major organ systems while cultivating mental calm
  • Meridians and the microcosmic orbit—learn how to circulate energy throughout the body as you open to spiritual insights

Product details

Self-Guided Video Course:
Contents 12 Audio downloads, 11 Video downloads, 1 Set of written course materials
Date Published February 22, 2011
Product Codes 1675n, c1675n, wc01675n

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Customer Reviews

By Diane B
Date Added: Monday 13 January 2014
I am fairly new to Qi Gong and chose Lee's material after trying out a variety of practitioner's material that I found at the local library. I am enjoying the presentation very much and learning a lot about the philosophy behind this practice--thank you for this wonderful resource.
By Dixie E
Date Added: Sunday 12 January 2014
I have really enjoyed and benefited from the Qi Gong practices and material that was sent to me! I give it a big thumbs up!
By Roxsane J
Date Added: Saturday 11 January 2014
This is a great program! It's very comprehensive and informative. The videos to demonstrate the exercises
are excellent. Lee Holden has a great healing presence! Thank-you very much.
By Ramon M
Date Added: Thursday 26 December 2013
this course is very informative and covers QI Gong very well. Can't wait till I finish it and put these practices to work
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