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Jeffrey Thompson

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. His experiments involved using exact sound frequencies to make chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize...

Mick Rossi

Mick Rossi is an internationally celebrated pianist, composer, percussionist, conductor, and arranger. He is both a pianist and percussionist for the renowned Philip Glass ensemble. Mick is known for his diverse, progressive work in the New York Downtown scene, and has been...

Sapphire Skies

Entrancing melodies combined with alpha relaxation pulses

Jeffrey Thompson

Mick Rossi

from The Relaxation Company

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Mick Rossi is an internationally renowned pianist, composer, percussionist, conductor, and arranger. For this project he teamed up with sound healing pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and embedded alpha wave pulses into deeply transcendent keyboards, percussion, mbira, harmonium, and bass clarinet. Be transported to clear, open spaces, carried by entrancing and deeply relaxing melodies.

Alpha waves are the brainwaves that people naturally produce in states of deep relaxation. Dr. Thompson has developed unique ways to combine these alpha pulses with musical soundtracks. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves “lock” onto the pulses and transport you to a place where your mind is quiet and your body lets go into states of deep and rejuvenating relaxation.

Mick Rossi—a member of the Philip Glass ensemble—has been heard with numerous artists including Roger Daltry, Hall & Oates, Jewel, Randy Newman, David Sanborn, and Carly Simon. His Broadway credits include The Who’s "Tommy,” “Jekyll and Hyde,” and “The Full Monty,” among others. He has appeared on PBS, Lifetime, VH-1, MTV, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinical research with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks can alter states of consciousness and induce mind-body healing. His audio programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professionals, and individuals worldwide.

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Date Published January 01, 2007
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