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Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who has been featured in over 50 different print and broadcast media including The Today Show. An active humanitarian, Seane is...

The Yoga of Awakening: Body-Mind Flow

Foundational Practices for Transformation

Seane Corn

from Sounds True

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Volume I: Foundational Body-Mind Practices for Strength and Well Being

With The Yoga of Awakening three-volume training series, Seane Corn makes available for the first time her complete program for entering the deeper dimensions of yoga—and discovering our own vast capacities of consciousness, empowerment, and connection. Each DVD guides us into a unique realm of consciousness—the physical-mental, the emotional-energetic, and the psychic-symbolic—to discover our full potential in each dimension.

Volume I, Body-Mind Flow, teaches the foundational practices of the series. DVD One provides all-level instruction in Vinyasa flow yoga and on awareness of the body for inner discovery and healing. DVD Two offers more advanced practice to stabilize your foundation, deepen the body-mind connection, and release tension. With precise and easy-to-follow guidance, you'll learn how to:

  • Build each pose from the ground up while tuning into the body-mind
  • Harmonize movement, breathing, and awareness
  • Work with your physical "edges" to release stuck emotions
  • Create strength and well-being—physically and spiritually

Each DVD has been designed for use at either the beginner level or as a sweat-inducing advanced workout—and includes a music-only option for undistracted practice. Features music by Suzanne Sterling.

"Seane Corn is a passionate and refreshingly straightforward voice of contemporary yoga and spirituality. In her The Yoga of Awakening series, she guides us beyond the body and into the true heart of our being. No one teaches love, nor demonstrates it, more beautifully than Seane." —Marianne Williamson

"Seane Corn is one of the most exceptionally gifted yoga instructors in America. She is not only highly educated in yoga as an Eastern spiritual discipline, she is a natural born teacher who creates an atmosphere of grace, healing, and superb yoga instruction in every class with sincerity of intent and devotion to her practice. I feel very privileged to know Seane and have her as a yoga instructor. I am also honored to call her a friend. She is a gracious and gentle person whose commitment to her work and to helping others is a blessing to all who know her." —Caroline Myss

"Seane Corn is one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. With a heart of gold, a spirit filled with grace, and feet that stay solidly on the ground, she has battled through the trials of life to emerge victorious and lead others into liberation. A true evolutionary leader of the heart, her down to earth teachings inspire people to their best and highest, from beginners to advanced alike." —Anodea Judith

"It doesn't matter if you practice for minutes or hours. It's not about the application—it's about our attitude." —Seane Corn

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Contents 2 DVDs (3 hours, 13 minutes)
Date Published May 01, 2014
ISBN-10 1-62203-125-3
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-125-2
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
Product Codes 3761d, t3761d, vt03761d
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Date Published May 01, 2014
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Customer Reviews

By gregory T
Date Added: Monday 28 July 2014
Fantastic explanations and easy to follow videos.
By Erin
Date Added: Monday 5 May 2014
Much of this offering explains on a deep level the mystery of yoga. It helped me personally to deeply understand the integral process of the practice of yoga. Yoga, when practiced more deeply connects us all with the somatic bodily experience, the vulnerable emotional energetic experience and captures how yoga marries with the beautiful union of divinity within us all. This deep, all encompassing expression of yoga, in my humble opinion is the grace and open way of being that we all need when we are on and off of our mats. The beauty of allowing ourselves to vulnerably transform and open to grace which ultimately sets us free from any kind of pain we all experience on this journey of life here on Earth. I am very thankful for this offering and will tell all I know and care for about it. Blessings, Erin
By sasha b. cohen
Date Added: Wednesday 30 April 2014
WOW! everything about seane's new dvd is extraordinarily brilliant!! from the potent content, to the gorgeous, yet simple, aesthetics, to the soothing music from suzanne sterling, this is a journey to be taken. not only will you benefit from seane's commitment to this path of truth & love, but you will also be able to witness a beautiful yogini on her mat, practicing in the most dedicated, mindful and conscious form. seane's incredible gift of articulation, authenticity, passion, compassion & love, are the qualities all of us need for healing...

thank you seane and sounds true for this masterful piece of work. deepest blessings...

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