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Diáne Mandle

Diáne Mandle is a teacher, practitioner, and musician who works with clients through sound healing and energy balancing. She is a member of the Sound Healers Association and the Healing Music Organization.

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Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Diáne Mandle

from Sounds True

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Natural therapeutic sound for attuning to stillness

For centuries, the sound of Tibetan metal bowls has guided us into deep states of healing and meditation. Intended for meditation, massage, energy healing, or just relaxation, the singing bowls in this spacious acoustic recording are struck and voiced in specific rhythmic patterns and tunings to create therapeutic sound harmonics. The result? A gentle, focusing attunement of brainwaves to frequencies that ease the body’s stress response and restore a deep sense of well-being. Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing uses these principles to weave a tapestry of toning vibrations that relax the sympathetic nervous system, allow the body to heal, and invite us into expanded states of consciousness.

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Contents 1 CD (1 hour)
Date Published October 01, 2013
ISBN-10 1-62203-079-6
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-079-8
Dimensions 5 3/4 x 5 inches
Product Codes 3728d, m3728d, mm03728d
Audio Download:
Download File Types
Contents Audio download (1 hour)
Date Published October 01, 2013
Product Codes 3728w, m3728w, mm03728w

Customer Reviews

By edgar early
Date Added: Monday 20 October 2014
Yes I am pleased with my purchase! I was not familiar and took a bit of a chance, quite happy I did! Thank you!
By Sandi C
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August 2014
Very soothing. Enjoying it quite a bit.
By James aplington
Date Added: Friday 21 February 2014
Diane's music(bowls) takes me to a deeep resting space.Powerful for,visualizations and Self Healing. Several friends of mine have attended her accredited Sound Healing School in Encinitas ,California and it has made a big shift in their lives.....
By Richard Rudis
Date Added: Thursday 20 February 2014
Diane has managed to reproduce the healing sounds of the Himalayas, the voices of natural transformation.
A master work of sound healing to be enjoyed over and over again.
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