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Peter Jack Rainbird

Peter Jack Rainbird is a solo guitarist whose music evokes sounds that would seem to require a full symphony. He plays a vintage electric guitar with an assembly of handmade pedals to create uniquely powerful emotional landscapes in music. He has performed and recorded with...


The Extended Suites

Peter Jack Rainbird

from Sounds True

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With the 2013 release of Unravel, Peter Jack Rainbird astounded listeners with five blissful ambient pieces featuring his innovative use of the electric guitar. Now, the yoga festival phenomenon brings us a new imagining of these improvisational masterpieces with Unravel: The Extended Suites. Through subtle layering of electric guitar loops interwoven with melody over broad soundscapes, these ethereal compositions beckon us to let go of tension in mind and body and relax in the stillness from which everything arises.

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Contents 1 CD (1 hour)
Date Published August 19, 2014
ISBN-10 1-62203-182-2
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-182-5
Dimensions 5 1/2 x 5 inches
Product Codes 4015d, m4015d, mm04015d
Audio Download:
Download File Types
Contents Audio download (1 hour)
Date Published August 19, 2014
Product Codes 4015w, m4015w, mm04015w

Customer Reviews

By Katra K
Date Added: Sunday 19 October 2014
After listening to Tami Simon's wonderful interview with Peter Jack Rainbird, I was inspired to purchase UNRAVEL, although I rarely buy music. The music is both uplifting and grounding and has become an almost daily ritual. Thank you.
By Miles M
Date Added: Friday 17 October 2014
I heard the wonderful interview with Peter Jack Rainbird on insights at the edge and I had to get Unravel. The MUSIC it is soothing and warm and drifts the listener. It fills space and wraps the landscape. Sounds True thank you for all the fabulous work you do.

Every time I listen to it I hear something new.

By Philip B
Date Added: Sunday 7 September 2014
I've added "Unravel" to my emo-dumping serenades for sleeping. My schedules fluctuate making bedtime often 6am. It has the driftiness and depth to send me on needed journeys to Mr. Sandman's Café for a few hours. Unravel is a great balance in my other favs... Anumaga and Claude Debussy (with seashore backgrounds).
By Dianne M
Date Added: Thursday 4 September 2014
There are not words in the human language to adequately express a review of Peter Jack Rainbird's Unravel album. The best I can do is to say every piece on the album and the whole of it transports me into a place I can only call home. I even leave it on loop to keep my dog sustained and comforted when I have to be away.
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