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Gangaji is an American-born spiritual teacher dedicated to sharing the path of freedom through simple and direct self-inquiry, as taught by the legendary sage Sri Ramana Maharshi of India. In 1990, Gangaji (then Antoinette Roberson Varner) entered this lineage through Sri...

What Do You Really Want?

Insights on the Path of Self-Inquiry


from Sounds True

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American-born spiritual teacher Gangaji has made it her life's work to spell out the bedrock principles of self-inquiry in order to reveal how each one of us can effortlessly step outside limited psychological conditioning and mental constructs into the freedom, expansiveness, and peace of your own true nature. What Do You Really Want? invites us to explore this path of deep inner investigation as we leave aside outside references and become our own source of wisdom.

Sounds True Pearls bring you inspirational and insightful downloadable audio sessions selected from our most popular courses. Ranging between 15–40 minutes each, Sounds True Pearls offer a concise way to explore topics from meditation and spiritual practice to mind-body healing, the art of manifestation, and more. String them on your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet device, or computer today, and you'll be ready to empower your life with the transformational teachings contained in each Sounds True Pearl.

This session is excerpted from Gangaji's 2-CD program Who Are You? .

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Date Published May 05, 2011
ISBN-10 1-60407-699-2
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Customer Reviews

By Karyn OBeirne
Date Added: Friday 30 March 2012
Excellent straight to the point lesson on enlightenment. I have listened twice and it resonates deeply even if I have heard it before.
By Jamro Huovinen
Date Added: Sunday 9 October 2011
It's too complicated to put into words what you want to express when asked to give as feedback before, in and after reading and hearing Ganaji's texts and voice.
By Sylvia U
Date Added: Sunday 24 November 2013
The CD was what I expected.

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