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Meg Lundstrom

Meg Lundstrom is an author and magazine writer who has written for Redbook, BusinessWeek and Woman’s World on self-development, health, entrepreneurship, and the human search for meaning. She discovered divining more than 20 years ago on a trip to...

What to Do When You Can't Decide

Useful Tools for Finding the Answers Within

Meg Lundstrom

from Sounds True

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You're at a fork in the road. Now what? It may surprise you, but according to Meg Lundstrom, you already have the answer, if you just know how to tap your inner-guidance system. With What to Do When You Can't Decide, she teaches us three effective divining tools for accessing our innate wisdom:

  • “Pendling,” a method that uses a handheld instrument
  • “The Chits,” an easy pen-and-paper technique
  • “Muscle testing,” an on-the-spot technique that allows your fingers to “do the talking”

Bypassing the conscious mind to access your deeper subconscious intelligence, these techniques can help you make reliable decisions, end second-guessing, and enhance the flow in your life. Includes practical exercises, a troubleshooting guide, and advanced techniques for deciding what to do in any situation.

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Customer Reviews

By Victoria Thomas
Date Added: Saturday 7 July 2012
Light-spirited and easy to read. Simple and clear directions for each technique. Very interesting and helpful.


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