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Tom Colletti

Tom Colletti is a multi-faceted music producer, percussionist and the founder of Fire Productionz, LLC in New York City. He earned a degree in the field of Audio Engineering from the Institute of Audio Research (IAR) in New York City, and has placed numerous...

Yoga Is Love

Music for Yoga and Connection

Tom Colletti

from Sounds True

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Yoga is a gateway to the realization of love in all its aspects, and the music of Tom Colletti is intended to bring us into contact with the unifying love within each of us. On Yoga Is Love, the ever-innovative Colletti weaves sounds such as the human breath, ocean waves, and birdsong along with gentle percussion to create a uniquely powerful complement for yoga practice—or any time devoted to relaxation, rejuvenation, and the blossoming of the heart.

  • Swagatam (Welcome)
  • Anahata (The heart center, the seat of compassion)
  • Ayurveda (The art of healing and prolonging life)
  • Ajna (The center of intuition; knowing)
  • Shatkarma (A cleansing process; purification)
  • Adhyatma (Knowing the self beyond the mind)
  • Moksha (Emotional freedom; spiritual liberation)
  • Bhakti (Selfless, loving devotion)
  • Vinyasa (The connection between breath and movement)
  • Shavasana (Total relaxation; detachment from physical body)

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Contents 1 CD (1 hour, 8 minutes)
Date Published February 01, 2014
ISBN-10 1-62203-135-0
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-135-1
Product Codes 3874d, m3874d, mm03874d
Audio Download:
Download File Types
Contents Audio download (1 hour, 8 minutes)
Date Published February 01, 2014
Product Codes 3874w, m3874w, mm03874w

Customer Reviews

By susan t
Date Added: Monday 19 May 2014
Thank you those 3 little words that embody the practice.
By john l
Date Added: Thursday 27 March 2014
Excellent . great soothing music to relax

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