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Stan Tatkin

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT, is a clinician, researcher, and author who integrates neuroscience, attachment theory, and current therapies. He directs training programs throughout North America and globally. He is the author of Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner's...

Your Brain on Love

The Neurobiology of Healthy Relationships

Stan Tatkin

from Sounds True

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Course objectives:

  • Define and recognize your attachment style and the attachment style of your partner—the ways in which we respond, react, and interact with others, particularly in close relationships.
  • Discuss ways in which your attachment style has informed your previous and current relationships.
  • Explain how to use your attachment style as a tool to change the way you relate with others, opening the door to greater love and attachment with others.

Shift Out of Conflict and into Connection, Safety, and Intimacy

“Improve your brain, improve your relationships.” That's what Stan Tatkin has learned from his leading-edge work as a researcher and couples therapist. In this complete audio learning program, he merges current insights from neurobiology and attachment theory to help you shift out of conflict and into deeper and more loving connections.

You'll first learn to identify attachment styles—patterns of intimacy that begin in the earliest years—both in yourself and in those around you. Then Tatkin guides you through his proven principles and practices for building enduring security and commitment between partners, family members, and others whom you love. Join him to explore:

  • The warring brain versus the loving brain
  • When your brain's threat response is getting in the way of love
  • How to avoid triggering fear and help your partner feel safe and secure
  • Simple gestures and words to put out emotional fires
  • The power of rituals to build trust and intimacy
  • How to make your relationship a sanctuary, and more

Based upon key insights from neurobiology, attachment theory, and emotion regulation research, Your Brain on Love will show you how to change the way you relate with others and open the way to greater love and connection.


  • The neurobiology of mating—who we choose and why
  • The neurobiology of commitment—building security, the foundation of a healthy relationship
  • Anchor, Island, and Wave types: understanding your attachment style and those of others
  • “Is it you or is it me?” Understanding how the attachment styles of others interact with your own.
  • Experiencing healthy conflict through social contracts, ground rules, and awareness
  • Creating a lifelong plan to continue deepening your relationships

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Date Published July 01, 2013
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Customer Reviews

By Binyomin A
Date Added: Thursday 28 August 2014
everything is fine. a good product well packaged
By Kat P
Date Added: Friday 22 August 2014
Loved this in depth and scientific look at relationships. Highly recommend for anyone in a relationship, would like to be in one, or for anyone going through a rough patch. Really makes one more aware of how they themselves behave in relation to another person. Really eye opening .
By Sherri M
Date Added: Tuesday 15 April 2014
Well worth anybody's time!
By Kathy
Date Added: Monday 14 April 2014
This audio program has inspired seismic "ah ha!" moments of insight and realization for me. I recently experienced the final ending of a relationship where we tried three separate times to make a go of long term partnership but could never overcome predictably repeated obstacles. Listening to Stan's description of the wave and island styles and the perils of one or both partners threatening the security and stability of the relationship helped illuminate the reasons we couldn't make it. Now I feel a sense of hope emerge from the failure and loss I've been feeling since our break up. I plan to listen and re- listen so that I can build the tools for a mutually "principled" partnership in the future. Many thanks to Stan and the brilliant way he's applied attachment theory and neuroscience in such a practical, encouraging way.
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