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In the Sounds True workplace, we’re practically swimming in spiritual books, CDs, and DVDs. Many of us feel like we’ve “seen and heard it all.” From this ocean of goodness, what do we personally, truly like? What actually inspires us and resonates with us at the deepest level? Have a look at some of the programs that have made the greatest impact on our lives.


Haven Recommends:

Living as a River

Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change
To face reality is to embrace change; to resist change is to suffer. This is the liberating insight that unfolds with Living as a River. A masterful investigation of the nature of self, this eloquent blend of current science and time-honored spiritual insight is meant to free us from the fear of impermanence in a world defined by change.
Paperback book: US $14.21
US $18.95 25% Off

Haven I.

Book Editor

“Reading Bodhipaksa’s writing is often like reading poetry. It is simply a beautiful experience. As I was reading, I felt like I was dissolving—and when finished I felt a serenity as if I’d spent a whole weekend in meditation. And with this deep calm, I found myself much more able to weather the surprises and challenges in life.”


Jennifer Recommends:

Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

Vimala Rodgers
Here is a complete course for igniting practical, lasting changes in your life with nothing more than a pen and paper. This is not a course in penmanship—instead, you will learn the hidden meanings in each letter, allowing you to clear away blockages, heal old wounds, and express your full creativity.
Kit: US $22.46
US $29.95 25% Off

Jennifer B.

Acquisitions Editor

“I picked a letter that embodied a quality I wanted to express in my life, and changed the way I wrote it according to Vimala’s 40-day program. Since I began, I have become more healthy, fit, and connected to my creativity and spiritual practice. Is it all because I changed my handwriting? Well, I don’t intend to go back to writing the way I did before!”


Grayson Recommends:

You're It!

On Hiding, Seeking, and Being Found
Alan Watts
Life is the ultimate game of hide and seek—and the good news is that you’re it! With the playful irreverence and penetrating insight that made him a legend in Western philosophy, Alan Watts investigates the liberating concept of “the universe as play”—and how we engage fully in the delightful mystery of the cosmic game.
10 CDs: US $74.96
US $99.95 25% Off
Download: US $55.98
US $69.97 20% Off

Grayson T.


“To me, Alan Watts is the epitome of a great teacher. There are a lot of teachings that are present in most of the wisdom traditions, but when I listen to Watts, I actually get them at a deep level. And the most important one for me is how we can cherish and revere life by not taking it so seriously.”


Trista Recommends:

The Good Life of Helen Nearing

Helen Nearing
A pioneer of the simple living movement and a modern wise woman who followed her personal truth for over 90 years shares her inspirational life lessons. Poignant and powerful insights about discerning your life path, creating your own opportunities, and how to live with integrity.
Download: US $6.14
US $7.67 20% Off

Trista R.

Customer Service and Human Resources Manager

“Oh what a fantastic program! My biggest takeaway is to remember that simple living is a beautiful way to live. I certainly try to keep that in mind when I think that food from my favorite restaurant sounds better than the salad I could put together with veggies from my own garden. This program inspires me!”


Wendy Recommends:

Transforming Your Relationship with Money

The Nine-Step Program for Achieving Financial Integrity, Intelligence, and Independence
Joe Dominguez
Joe Dominguez walked away from a high-powered financial career at age 30 and lived comfortably on about $7,000 per year while donating a small fortune to various charities. Here he provides a revolutionary guide to help you find peace with the concept of money and start contributing to the goals and ideals you believe in.
4 CDs: US $29.96
US $39.95 25% Off
Download: US $22.38
US $27.97 20% Off

Wendy Z.

Purchasing Manager

“I think this program should be called ‘How to Recession-Proof Your Wallet and Improve Your Personal Finances!’ A short time after listening, I was able to create a budget and eliminate all my debt except for the mortgage—without ever feeling deprived of the things I really valued and wanted.”


Jaime Recommends:


A Training Program for Effortless, Injury-free Running
Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
It sounds incredible, but running can be a thoroughly enjoyable lifelong practice—without injury or fatigue. Ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer draws upon t’ai chi principles to present a step-by-step audio program to help everyone from beginners to professionals to “run like a kid again”—effortless, free, and boundlessly energetic.
3 CDs: US $18.71
US $24.95 25% Off
Download: US $13.98
US $17.47 20% Off

Jaime S.

Associate Editor/Contracts Manager

“Danny Dreyer’s amazing program combines t’ai chi principles with running and focuses on the meditative aspects of the sport. Before I began incorporating ChiRunning movement principles, I suffered from tremendous knee pain during and after long runs. Now I run half marathons with no knee pain whatsoever.”

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