A Sanskrit Mantra to Remove Obstacles in Your Life from Thomas Ashley-Farrand

Among Vedic and Hindu sects, the mantra of Ganesh (the elephant-headed deity of Indian mythology) is acknowledged as supremely effective for clearing away obstacles of all kinds. I've seen it effect dramatic changes in the spiritual growth, relationships, careers, and financial situations of many that I've recommended it to. Here is the mantra, and a simple way to try it yourself:

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha
“Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed.”

  • Chant 108 repetitions of this mantra every day. This usually takes only 10 or 15 minutes to complete. A mala, or set of prayer beads, will be helpful (they are available in stores that carry Buddhist or Hindu items). You can choose a specific place and time for your mantra practice, or you can chant while driving, walking, or during any other activity. Additional repetitions add efficacy to this mantra.
  • Commit yourself to this practice for at least 40 days. According to Vedic teachings, this is an adequate amount of time to effect a significant energetic shift in a situation.
  • Keep a journal. Note the occurrence of changes to the obstacles in your life. This will help you to determine if this particular mantra is working for you.

Excerpt from Thomas Ashley-Farrand's Healing Mantras.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand

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Thomas Ashley-Farrand (1940 - 2010) Thomas Ashley-Farrand was one of the West’s foremost authorities of Vedic and Buddhist Sanskrit mantras. He was recognized for his flawless mastery of mantra pr...


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