Are You Ready for the Journey Inward and Beyond to Begin?: An Interview with David Morehouse

David Morehouse was a fourth-generation Army officer, born into a family of career military officers. He served for nearly 20 years in special operations, airborne, and Ranger assignments. Wounded twice, he steadied himself on an unwavering track to becoming a general in the United States Army. In 1987, in a remote desert valley in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a stray machine gun bullet hit him in the head and, by all accounts, should have killed him instantly. Instead, his experience opened a door into a new reality, into a new understanding of personal and collective purpose. He was recruited into a top-secret clan of psychic spies called Remote Viewers, and began training in these protocols—protocols which, when mastered, allowed individuals to see persons, places, and things distant in space and time, and to gather information. In his international bestseller Psychic Warrior, he recounts his true story of espionage and awakening. Today, David Morehouse has transformed these techniques into a tool for personal empowerment, enhanced insight, intuitiveness, and discernment. In this landmark program, he has created the first practical course in this amazing journey with The Remote Viewing Training Course.

Sounds True: What exactly is “Remote Viewing”?

David Morehouse: Remote Viewing is a structured process that will provide you with undeniable and irrefutable evidence that you are more than the physical world will allow. It provides you with a new lexicon of perception, acting as a practical, spiritual tool that teaches you how to live your life without the limits imposed by your conditioning; that you are an empowered being capable of living a life of promise and possibility; and that all of this is a choice made in the space of a moment.

This is a path that catapults your physical, emotional, and spiritual concepts from a condition of belief to a condition of knowledge. Knowledge is strength; belief is a precondition that is sustainable, but not optimal. This training program is designed to encourage those seeking truth to find knowledge and become wisdom.

Sounds True: How do I know this is real?

David Morehouse: There are three decades of scientific data available. Stanford Research Institute published studies describing not only their extraordinary results, but also the meticulous protocols that these studies adhered to so as not to taint their findings.

On the other hand, the only way to truly know that this is real, beyond any questions, is to learn the protocols and to experience Remote Viewing for yourself. All of us possess this inherent ability, and one need only to take the time to learn to use the keys that are yours to unlock the truths of the universe. You can spend lifetime studying, practicing, and dedicating yourself to a path in hopes of a single fleeting glimpse through the veil that may prove to you that you are more than the physical.

Now, by means of this audio training program, the opportunity is at your fingertips. You need only make the commitment and invest the time, and you can transform your life to a higher plain of knowledge, love, and spirituality.

Sounds True: How does the process of Remote Viewing actually work?

David Morehouse: In this process, you are trained to acquire and sustain an alpha brain wave state (much like going into a yogic meditation, complete with breath work) then follow a guided process that will lock you into a target location distant in space-time. You are given no information about the target in advance. You will follow a strict protocol identified as the “structure” to detect waveform information relevant to the target, and decode this data into two-dimensional media, in the form of sketches and verbal sensory data. With this technique, you continue with the scientific protocols you have learned for sixty minutes, using pen and paper to record your results. You detect things like colors, temperatures, tastes, textures, smells, sounds, energetic data, and dimensional data. You gather this information, and then prepare a written summary using the template provided in the program. Then, you look at the written confirmation, which is pre-sealed in an envelope to confirm that you were indeed there, and saw what you were supposed to see.

Sounds True: How can Remote Viewing be used ethically, practically, and spiritually in our lives?

David Morehouse: In this program, you are taught a model that addresses intention, and whether or not you are acting within your intention as an observer or an evaluator. Observers understand that there are no absolutes, and therefore do not draw conclusions of self, others, or processes. Evaluators seek the absolute, which is, at the end of the day, unattainable. They draw conclusions and judge themselves, others, and processes. For that reason, the issues of ethics, practicality, and spirit are individual aspects of the experience.

When you know that you are more than the physical, then you exist in an empowered condition. This is about recognizing your eternal nature, and training yourself to create a life based on purpose. It is about living outside of the opinions, the interpretations, and the versions of us that others are so willing to attribute to us.

To effectively use the gifts you have, you must first recognize their existence. You must know that they are there, not merely suspect that they might be there. Once you know that you have these abilities, how different will your life be? After you learn the techniques of Remote Viewing, with the proof in front of you, you recognize that you are a part of something much greater than yourself, and that you are connected to everyone and everything that exists within the universe and beyond. Thus empowered, you approach life with a fresh, powerful fervor, and a fierce compassion.

Sounds True: What is the greatest challenge we all face in the near future, and how should we deal with it?

David Morehouse: If humanity fails to perceive and act upon insights into what the future requires, then humanity may cling to old conceptual forms. These forms manifest themselves as illusions of what we think we are supposed to be, what we believe others think we should be, or how we should act. In the collective as well as the individual sense, these patterns are unhealthy simply because they were developed for a society or an individual that no longer exists.

Life in the moment is a dynamic process, and not a fixed continuity. Divergent concepts serve only to retard humanity's spiritual development—becoming a vehicle for forces of spiritual regression. To counter this pattern, you must find purpose in your life—define your personal mythology. If you have no central purpose in your life, no truth—you fall prey to the petty. Fears, troubles, and self-pity are indications of spiritual weakness that lead as surely as anything else into temporal and spiritual failure. This audio program will open you to this awareness, and provide simple tools of discernment that will empower you with a new manner of seeing and being within the world.

Sounds True: If you could only give one piece of advice for living a successful life, what would that be?

David Morehouse: Have the courage to transform your life from a conceptual reality to a life filled with possibility and promise. Nothing in this life can defeat you; you can only be defeated if you are willing—the power of living within the moment teaches you how to “will” not to be defeated. To live a life of possibility, you must “wake” from the unconsiousness of consciousness.

“Wake” is exactly the right verb, because there is a certain naivetĂ© inherent in each of us that lets us escape from the world. This “quality” is a protection, a buffer from the raw physical world in which we live. It is an escape and a sanctuary. Sadly, because of it, many of us never know our own true natures. Some of us dance in the physical world, as we understand it, making our way across life's spectrum. Some of us promote transformation, and some do not. Some make a difference, and some pass through life barely noticed… or noticing. Some of us endure, and some of us escape life as best we can. “Wake” out of the fantasy, the illusion of your conceptual life. Rediscover your purpose for existing, which is to make a difference in a positive way.

Your challenge is to engage reality with a more complete understanding of human nature: your purpose, your abilities, and your connection to others and yourself. You must learn to voyage into your unconscious mind perfectly awake, eyes open, feeling, perceiving, and learning. This mastered, you return to the physical plane better prepared to alter the direction of our own life and that of humanity—to make a positive difference on countless new levels. This is your charge; this audio program is your tool.

Sounds True: Have any of your students ever had a really profound experience during Remote Viewing training?

David Morehouse: My staff and I have trained well over fifteen thousand Remote Viewers across the globe, and I can safely say that any one of our students would consider their experience profound. Obviously, the degree of “profound” will be as unique and individual as each new Viewer, but the experience is nothing but astonishing. Our students are not people who have merely heard a lecture or watched a videotape series; these are people from every walk of life who have spent hours in a classroom just to learn the basics of Coordinate Remote Viewing. We tell them when they walk into the seminar that their lives will never be the same again and, to my knowledge, nobody has ever been disappointed.

This is why we spent so much time working on this audio training program—to match the quality of the experience offered in a resident seminar lasting over seventy hours. I know that we attained a level of excellence in this program that will bring about an individual and collective experience of transformation.

David Morehouse

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Born into a family of career officers, David Morehouse for nearly 20 years steadied himself on an unwavering track of becoming a general in the United States Army. Then, in 1987, a machine gun bullet...


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