Are You Ready to Read the Akashic Records? An Interview with Linda Howe

Mystics throughout time have been said to have read the Akashic Records—an energetic archive of information about every soul. But do these Records really exist? And can we learn to access them ourselves? We talked to Linda Howe, one of the foremost scholars of the Akashic Records, about her new audio-learning course—the first program of its kind to help us individually tap into this legendary resource for spiritual wisdom.

Sounds True: What are the Akashic Records?

Linda Howe: A dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational account of every soul and its journey. "Akasha" is from Sanskrit, and it has to do with the Eastern understanding of the energetic nature of the Records. But we hear about the Records in Western mysticism as well, where they're known as “The Book of Life.”

There are two things held in the Record. First is the actual blueprint or pattern for the potential of the soul throughout time. Second is what one could call the story of how that soul manifests through time to realize its potential. The first aspect is the essential, foundational core piece that the Record represents—the basic blueprint of the soul. The second part, the story part, is much more active. This is relates to the unfolding of a being from incarnation to incarnation.

The Record is not about, “You will do this! You will do that!” The record is about possibilities and probabilities, and how you will become who you are through time. As you know, those stories change. From lifetime to lifetime, we show up in different personalities, in different circumstances, with different possibilities, as we become who we are—and fully aware of who we are.

Sounds True: So, if you were reading your own Record and you found, for instance, that you were heading in a direction that you might not want to head in, you could start making different choices in your life, and the Record would reflect this?

Linda Howe: Yes, the Record will always reflect the choices that we make. The Record is concerned with how we become who we are, how we manifest who we are, how we realize our potential. The Record, interestingly enough, is not that concerned about ordinary details; for example, it may be that the best way for me to realize my potential is to live in a cold, snowy city. Now, does it have to be Chicago? No, it could be Cincinnati. Details like that are much more flexible.

What we're looking for is the experience: Where can I experience who I am? Where can I become who I am? It could be Chicago, Cincinnati, or New York. So what we see in the Record doesn't show us that one day you'll be in Colorado, and then at some point you're going to move to Idaho—and then move back to Colorado. The Record isn't about that. It's about the question, “What are you up to in this lifetime? Who are you? What are you here to do? Who do you hope to become, and what are the best ways for you to do that?”

So the details are flexible. What's inflexible is the pattern of who you are, and the fact that, at some point, you will come to know the truth of your divine nature. Now whether that takes you five lifetimes or five million lifetimes doesn't matter for the Record. Time is not an issue in the record, which is really good, because most of us are really much slower at this evolution than we'd like to be.

Sounds True: Thank you for addressing what is probably one of the common misconceptions about the Akashic Records. That is, that we are fated with a script for our lives that's set in stone.

Linda Howe: When I first heard about the Record, I was in my late 20s and I was actually afraid that there was something in the Records that would say that I was doing everything wrong. I had totally missed the boat, and I was on the wrong path altogether.

It's very funny to me now, when I remember my understanding of the Records before I experienced them directly. Of course, I was an expert! As it turns out, what I thought I knew is mostly wrong, because my experience of the Record is radically different.

Sounds True: Can you give us an example?

Linda Howe: Some of the old ideas I had were that the Record was about predetermination or predestination; that there were a lot of “shoulds” and “have-tos” that everything was written in stone, there was no flexibility, and I had no free will, no choice. A little scary!

My actual experience of the Record is that it's really about possibility. It's a very generous place of consciousness. It's completely accepting. And it's really about being on the path consciously and in alignment with my divine self to the best of my ability at any given time. The Record is there to give energetic support and informational guidance about how to do that. And it includes the understanding and acceptance of the fact that as a human being, I've got faults and flaws and shortcomings—all of that's in the mix, but it's not a moral issue. It's not like, “Oh, you bad person!” It's never that in the Record.

Sounds True: So the Records are almost like a mirror, in that sense, where's there's simply a reflection without judgment?

Linda Howe: There's no judgment, which I think is one of the aspects that I certainly have had to get used to, and most of my students, as well, coming as we do from a culture where judgment is so prevalent.

Sounds True: Let's talk more about experience. How to Read the Akashic Records intends to help listeners learn how to experience it for themselves. One of the misconceptions about the Records is that you have to be a spiritual master or mystic in order to gain access. But you teach that anybody can do this.

Linda Howe: People have been working in the Records throughout time. Historically, it has always been the domain of mystics and scholars and saints, as it should be.

It's my belief that humanity has been growing and waking up to the truth of its identity throughout time. What we're in right now, which I just think is fascinating, is that we're in a time right now where the Records are now available to secular people like ourselves. This is the first time in the history of humanity that “regular people” can move into a conscious relationship with the Record, with the essential truth of their soul. This is such an exciting time for all of us.

Sounds True: Can you give us an example of someone in recent times who read the Records?

Linda Howe: Well, this historical point in time for humanity that I'm speaking about first started to happen in the 1950s with Edgar Cayce. He was probably the most famous modern person to work in the Records. He was known as “the sleeping prophet,” because, interestingly, he was unconscious when he worked in the Records. He would be in a trance state, and someone would transcribe for him. It's important to restate that he was a rare phenomenon, and that he was not conscious when he was in the Record.

What's been happening in the last 20 years is that people have started to work in the Record consciously. On How to Read the Akashic Records, I teach a process that accesses the heart of the Records and opens us to a conscious relationship with the Record while fully awake, fully present. We're actually channeling the energy of the Records, which is a very high-frequency, very expansive light energy. We channel the energy first, and then the information second. And there aren't enough superlatives, as far as I'm concerned, for this! People have a chance to consciously discover the truth of themselves, the truth of their soul, the qualities of their soul, and their potential to really be in an active relationship with that. It's just, it's fabulous, exciting.

Sounds True: Do you have any theories about why this time is so special?

Linda Howe: What I think is that we have moved out of the age of the priest, the age of the spiritual intermediary, the age where humanity has been in its adolescence. And what's happening now is that humanity is moving into its prime, its own spiritual maturity. We are at a time now where we're in a position to have direct relationship with our own spiritual authority. The age of the priest is over. We have been growing into an age of greater personal responsibility, where we can and we do take responsibility for who we are, what we're up to, our behavior, our choices. It's the age of responsibility. It's the age of spiritual maturity.

Sounds True: And some would say it looks like we don't have a choice, if we want to stick around.

Linda Howe: You know, when it's time, it's time. We can either get with it, or we can graciously decline. But what's happening to more and more people today is what I like to call an experience of inner prompting. There's an inner voice that says, “It's time for me to step forward. It's time for me to find my way, to be the person I know I can be.” Once we have that experience of the inner prompting, it's so hard to push it away. It takes a lot to pretend we haven't heard that deep, inner voice.

Sounds True: A bit earlier you mentioned the process you teach on How to Read the Akashic Records—the Pathway Prayer Process. Tell us how that works.

Linda Howe: The Pathway Prayer Process is a way to move from one state of consciousness to another to have direct access to the heart of the Akashic record. The saying of the prayer builds an energetic bridge through which the consciousness can travel back and forth. There are many dimensions to the Record. This pathway will enable an individual to move into the heart-space of the Record, which is the space of great compassion.

Through the repetition of the prayer and its rhythm, you are moved into a place in consciousness where you can register the impression of the Record. For example, if I'm going to do a reading, I will call up one set of Records at a time. We work with the current legal name, which has its own very distinct vibration, and somewhere in the saying of the prayer, the reader and the Records meet. There's a connection made; it's like a very subtle click. There's a sense of, “Oh yes! That's it!” Okay? The prayer process sets up a bridge so that the energy of the Record can come through to the reader.

Sounds True: How is this different from other forms of intuitive or psychic readings?

Linda Howe: First of all, you don't have to be psychic to read the Records. A lot of people are great psychics, but they may or may not want to work in the record.

Intuition, on the other hand, is held within the Record, almost like another domain of the Record. The Records support intuition. The biggest difference between intuition and the Record is that the Record is beyond personal. The Record is transpersonal, and it's downloaded to the individual; intuition is more personal. It's a matter of dimension. Intuition could be likened to the spotlight on a stage, whereas the Records are like the house lights.

Many people find that once they start to work in the Record and to use the Pathway Prayer Process, their intuition in their ordinary states improves tremendously. It is almost as if the light of the Record gets underneath the intuition and supports it.

Sounds True: So how do I know I'm in the Record, and not just making it up?

Linda Howe: Okay, that's the 50 million dollar question. And the answer is, it's different for everyone. But a common experience is a feeling of entering the “atmosphere” or the "climate" of the Record. It's an experience of presence followed by information or understanding. This can come in many ways. Some people hear words; others see colors or images. The information always comes in a way that best supports the individual at that point in their life.

Reading gets stronger with practice. Part of the work is becoming more aware of how you normally think—your knee-jerk reactions—because most often we get information that is not what we usually tell ourselves. Let me give you a personal example. I love energy, and I always want more. So some years ago, when I was working in the Record, I asked, “How can I have more energy?” and the answer I got was simply, “Rest.”

Now I have to tell you, I don't like that answer! I like answers like, “Drink the green drink!” “Go to 15 yoga classes!” I love answers like that! Did I get that answer? No. So I persist with the question, thinking, “There's gotta be a different answer!” But only one answer kept coming up: “Rest.”

The important point is that I know that “Rest” is not the kind of answer I would ever want for myself. I resisted it for weeks, until I thought, finally, “Alright, alright! I'll try it!” So I did. I started resting. I started taking some down time, and do you know, it was really very funny, because things started to open up again.

So I think the biggest way to know it's the Records and not your mind is when the information you receive is beyond your normal way of thinking and knowing.

Sounds True: But it doesn't involve a lot of whistles and bells. It sounds like the experience is actually more ordinary than you would think.

Linda Howe: Here's the thing about the Record: it's about the transmission of vital life force. It's a conscious alignment with this vital life force that will empower us to reveal more of the truth of who we are. To give us that sense of being backed—the sense of a presence or a force behind us that is enabling us to be more, to be more than we have ever been before, this lifetime or other lifetimes. That's what the Record is.

It doesn't matter if you ever see an aura. It doesn't matter if you know what a chakra is. None of that matters. This is about each individual having a discovery for themselves, and waking up to a truth about who we are.

Sounds True: Can you speak to the ethical concerns about reading the Records?

Linda Howe: Yes. There are guidelines and rules about the use of the Record. For one, we don't read dead people. Dead people do not need readings. We leave them alone. Now certainly on occasion you may open someone's Record, and a deceased relative will come forward and say something, but dead people don't do readings, and we don't read them. We leave them alone.

Another important rule: You have to ask. If you want a reading, you have to ask for it. If you cannot ask for the reading, you don't get a reading. Why? Because working in the Records very intimate. It's very intimate because we're seeing not only what actions have occurred, but we see the motivations—what's behind it, what's happening, what's driving these choices, what's driving the decisions that we're making.

Sounds True: This is no parlor game.

Linda Howe: No, not at all. This is for adults—which reminds me of another guideline. We don't read people under the age of 18. This is a system of personal responsibility and spiritual maturity. Anybody who has their records opened does so of their own volition, and then is open and can really hear and receive what's available in the Record.

Sounds True: Okay, so once I'm in a Record, what if don't understand what I'm receiving?

Linda Howe: If I want to know what something means, I need to ask in the Records. For example, I might see blue, but if I don't understand it, I don't close the Records and call my friend the color specialist. I go into the Records and ask, “What does this mean?”

The Akashic Records are an infinite spiritual resource, so I can take all of the questions I have about the Records into the Records, and the answers are always perfectly supportive. This is not a resource of ridicule at all, so don't worry about thinking, “Oh, I'm afraid to ask, because they'll think I'm a knucklehead.” That's not how it is in the Records. Quite the contrary. The Records are saying, “Oh, here! Come, come! Let me show you!”

And this brings us back to another way of knowing that you're really in the Records: if you're in a zone where you feel judged or made fun of, that's not the Record. That just means you've slipped out of the Record—which happens, especially when you're first learning. As you learn and practice your abilities get stronger. As you strengthen that light bridge into this dimension of the soul with your own work in the Records, you don't slip out as much. And if you find you've slipped out, you just take a moment, and you say the Prayer over again. It's very simple.

Sounds True: Are there other practices, such as meditation or visualization, that can support you in cultivating your ability to read the Records?

Linda Howe: It's different for every individual, because the Record meets everybody right where they are. There are some who have practiced meditation for decades, and that will support them in their work in the Record. Then there are others who have never meditated, but they can still do wonderful work in the Records. The Records are an equal spiritual opportunity.

Sounds True: That's encouraging.

Linda Howe: You see, the Record has no position of judgment. From the Record's point of view, there's no opinion on different kinds of practices. There are so many wonderful ways for people to develop spiritually, and the Records can be used in harmony with all of them, as far as I know. I haven't found any practices that conflict with working with the Records.

Sounds True: Over the years, what stands out as something that's surprised you through your experience with the Records?

Linda Howe: I'll tell you one thing. In my work in the Records, what I have found is that, from a Records' point of view, everyone is good—everyone contains the aspiration, the striving to develop goodness, to be good. This consistently has surprised me, to see it over and over again, no matter what people may be doing on the surface of their lives. At the core, they're good.

This may not sound like news, because many of us know this as an idea. But what has rocked my world has been to have the experience of this truth in the Records—the experience that everyone is good.

Sounds True: Once again, your program How to Read the Akashic Records is all about giving listeners that direct experience. Many of us have dozens of spiritual ideas in our heads, but embodying them is what makes all the difference. That's when your life truly changes.

Linda Howe: Right, right, and this is the time in history when the experience of the Records is now available to individuals directly, more so than ever before. I think of us as a bridge generation. For our grandchildren, this will be very natural for them. But we're the ones who will learn how to do it consciously, so that it can be downloaded and integrated into the mass consciousness. This is a tremendous opportunity for each of us, individually, but also an incredible opportunity for us as a collective at the forefront of dynamic transformation—a dynamic spiritual revolution thats's occurring right now.

Linda Howe

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Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies, and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. Specializing in the use of the Akashic Records for personal empowermen...


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