Breathing Rhythms into Your Body with Glen Velez

I believe that sound is weaved from inter-relationships that most of us don't usually hear. Rhythm arises when different relationships in speed—2-to-1 or 2-to-3 ratios for example—happen concurrently to form matrices of sound. Becoming aware of these universal relationships brings us into greater harmony with our bodies, and with the world around us. It heightens our perceptual awareness.

Rhythm musicians are engaged in this kind of material all the time. In my classes and workshops, we use vocalizations and breathing to help refine one's sense of pulse and rhythm. This practice also generates a wonderful flow of energy, and often evokes experiences of deep well-being. On this project, we wanted to share this intimacy with the deep structure of sound. I hope that people will find it an enjoyable and natural way to focus the mind and work with the body's energies.

—Excerpt from interview with Glen Velez

Glen Velez

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Glen Velez is an internationally recognized master drummer, composer, scholar, and teacher who has merged his background in Western percussion with the study of frame drum performance styles. In creat...


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