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Color is a powerful tool for Feng Shui users, with a wide variety of applications. Each color transmits a unique energy and symbology to the human senses and mind. You can put color cures both inside and outside your home. Color cures can be applied quickly and easily, or in a large-scale makeover of your space.

Here's a handy list of color significances in Feng Shui:

  • Red: Reasoning, etiquette, power source, strength
  • Pink: Love, partnership, heart energy
  • Purple: All-encompassing level of red; wealth, royalty, power
  • Green, Blue: Hope, vitality, qi, growth, energy
  • Yellow: Tolerance, acceptance, honesty, truthfulness
  • Orange: Yellow's qualities, plus auspiciousness
  • Black: Seriousness, justice, wisdom, absorption of power
  • White: Purity, cleanliness, death

You apply color cures by changing your wardrobe, adding artwork, ornaments, or other objects to your home, painting, and so on. As with any Feng Shui cure, it is important to be clear about your intentions. Visualize your goals in detail, and that positive events and opportunities are coming your way. Here are some specific examples of the application of color in Feng Shui:

  • Empower your life with a red front door. The front door symbolizes the entrance of energy into your home. Since red is the most auspicious and powerful color in Feng Shui, painting your front door red (the brighter, the better) is a classic wealth cure and overall life-improvement method.
  • Enliven your innate healing qi (life energy) with green or yellow. Green refers to new life and growth, while yellow relates directly to healing energy. Wearing these colors is especially effective if you visualize them boosting your energy throughout the day.
  • Cultivate understanding and insight with knowledge colors. Painting the living room a pleasant shade of blue or green can stimulate knowledge for everyone in the household. This cure also brings health, peace, and comfort to the house.
  • Use the seven rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple or violet. The rainbow symbolizes blessing, hope, and a good future. Add a piece of art or an ornament featuring these colors, or add seven separate objects, one for each color in the rainbow.
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David Daniel Kennedy is founder of the Complete Reality Institute which provides advanced Feng Shui training. He is also a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and the mentor to many professional Fen...


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