Exploring the Archive of the Soul

Exploring the Archive of the Soul—An interview with Linda Howe
Is there an energetic archive of information about every soul and its life journey? According to mystics, masters, and sages through many traditions, there is and it's called the Akashic Records. In this excerpt from an interview with Sounds True author Linda Howe, this gifted teacher helps us understand the nature of our "sacred wounds"—the limiting ideas we hold about ourselves or others—and how the Records can help us heal them.

1. What exactly is a sacred wound and spiritual healing?
A wound is the result of a harmful injury to our person, whether physical, emotional, or mental, that support negative ideas we have about ourselves and others. These events often impact us in ways that limit and interfere with our ability to fully and freely express ourselves. A sacred wound is different in that we don't use these events or situations to limit ourselves, rather we use them for our good. We recognize that the wound is there to enable us to go deeper within ourselves to our innermost self. We use the wound as a way to encounter the divine presence within and as a way to know our own goodness, wholeness, and perfection.

Essentially, we can choose to interpret any injury we sustain in one of two ways: as a weapon against ourselves or as a bridge into the richest, most vulnerable and precious parts of our being. When we identify the possibility of the sacred nature of our human wounds, we transform our relationship with events and circumstances as well as ourselves. This shift in our relationship with the impact of the injury from crippling nuisance to point of power, path of peace and transformation is what I call spiritual healing.

2. How do I know if I have a sacred wound?
We all have wounding experiences as part of our human journey. The clarifying question to ask yourself is: Have I had an experience that I use as an excuse or good reason why I don't have what I want, or why I am unable to get where I want to go in life? Some of the most common clues that indicate we are being limited as a result of an old experience include: holding ourselves back in our communication, pretending we don't want the longings of our heart because we fear disappointment, stopping short in pursuing our dreams.

3. Why heal my sacred wounds through the Akashic Records and not some other method?
There are so many wonderful perspectives from which to approach our healing—ranging from physical to psychological and even spiritual. It is essential to employ a healing system that speaks to you. I like to use the spiritual level because I believe it's the underpinning of all other healings. When the spiritual perspective is achieved—seeing the wholeness, wellness and goodness in everything—it is easier for us to retain healing at all the other levels.

The Akashic Records is a soul level dimension of consciousness that contains the vibrational archive of every soul and its journey. Here you will find the story of your own soul throughout your human experiences and you will find an ideal environment for growth and healing. Governed by the principles of "judge not, fear not, resist not," the Records offer us a soul-level perspective that helps us shift our point of view from seeing a situation as a nuisance to a point of power and pathway to inner peace.

4. Are our sacred wounds from this lifetime, or another?
Both! We can carry wounds over from other lifetimes into our present incarnation for the purpose of healing or we can sustain them in this life. From a Records point of view, all past, present, and future occurrences are accessible in the present moment, or now.

5. Do I have to relive a painful experience or open my old wounds?
No one ever wants to relive a painful experience! Healing in the Akashic Records is not about diving headlong into the pit of pain and anguish, though that may happen. It is about giving up resistance to the painful experience. The resistance or effort we expend to avoid pain is often much worse than the pain itself. When we accept that something really terrible has happened and surrender it as a weapon against ourselves, we are on our way to freedom. The Records help us transforming our relationship to what is, to what already exists, and to ourselves.

6. What do you mean when you say that my pain or wounds are whole and perfect?
It is not so much that the pain and wounds are perfect—although in truth, they are. Rather, they are the best way at the time to help us to expand our awareness that underneath all the pain, trauma, scarring, and wanderings through our own personal hells is a perfect, good, whole, loving self. Who we are at the level of our soul cannot be destroyed by any other person, circumstance, event, bad behavior whether our own or others. This is the great opportunity for us living within our wounds, to come face-to-face that nothing, absolutely nothing can tear us away from ourselves at the soul level, and nothing can separate us from the divine presence within. It is an energetic impossibility and can be seen clearly from within the Records. When we see it and know it from this dimension, we can grow into the great reality with greater ease—and much more quickly too!

7. What happens to our sacred wounds once they are healed? Do they disappear?
These are all great questions. Let's be clear first, that we do not undo anything. This is not magic or even magical thinking! In spiritual healing through the Akashic Records, what happens is that we accept what has occurred and we cease fighting or pretending. In doing so, we learn to come to a place where we are not afraid to let life be what it is and our selves who we are. The less we are governed by old situations and our reactions to them, the more we can be in the present. So what really changes is our relationship to the wound and to ourselves. Because we no longer use the wound as an excuse to avoid life, or certain situations, we are freer to expand into life and express ourselves more fully in whatever way is right for us.

What does disappear are the traits and qualities we have developed as a result of the wound. If we have become cold hearted as a result of an injury, harsh and critical to ourselves and others, that trait will soften and we will be more inclined to open understanding.

In essence, once the sacred wound is healed, it becomes the point of power in our connection with our innermost self, a point of entry into the deep, rich world of our soul, and a pathway to peace in our relationship with others. The wound that had previously been used as a fortress to maintain our safety now becomes a bridge of connection with other people. Finally, once healed, the sacred wound becomes the platform for our transformation in the world, the launching pad for our contribution to our community and the world.

8. What do the exercises in Healing Through the Akashic Records help me accomplish?
In total, there are 17 different practices in this audio learning program and each one has a specific intention. From identifying your primary wound and making peace with a limiting pattern to cultivating gratitude and using your sacred wounds as a platform for transformation of the world, all the exercises offers an opportunity to help you take responsibility for who you are in this life and to begin to see your life from the spiritual perspective. They offer an opportunity to work in the Records and know your own soul more than ever before, to discover the divine spark within yourself, and lead a consciously soul led life.

9. Do I need to listen to How to Read the Akashic Records before I purchase Healing Through the Akashic Records?
I teach the Pathway Prayer process for entering the records in Healing Through the Akashic Records so it is not necessary to listen to both. However, together these two programs offer a thorough and powerful combination for learning how to work in the Records. How to Read the Akashic Records really helps you get comfortable working in the Records and can help begin building your relationship with your own soul. Healing Through the Akashic Records is the Akashic Records work in action. This program takes you deeper into the most precious arena of consciousness, the dimension of your relationship with yourself. Here you can focus on your own personal healing so that you can live your life as the radiant being of Light that you suspect you may be! Healing Through the Akashic Records help you experience a deeper, more deliberate connection with the Akasha.

10. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Healing Through the Akashic Records is a program for your healing; it is not about your healing. It is the opportunity itself. You can use it in your own time, at your own pace. You will do this work somewhere along the line, whether it's this life or the next or 10 times down the road. Healing Through the Akashic Records offers you a companion to help you through the transformation you seek.

Linda Howe

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Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies, and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. Specializing in the use of the Akashic Records for personal empowermen...


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