New Skills for a New Life with Angeles Arrien

The rites of passage from birth to 50 years of age are well defined. We may go to school, find life partners, raise a family, and develop a career. But the skills we developed during the first half of life are not adequate, nor are they appropriate, to support us in the second half; the tasks and requirements for growth and change are completely different.

The second half of life presents us with the opportunity to develop increased depth, integrity, and character—or not. The choice is always ours. If we choose to grow and achieve ever-deepening wisdom, we must be willing to do the personal work necessary to liberate us from the stereotypes of aging, and light a new path for our future.

May we be the ones to reclaim and model the dignity, grace, and authentic power that true elderhood confers.

Angeles Arrien

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Angeles Arrien, PhD (1940 – 2014) received her master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and her doctorate from the California Institute for Integral Studies. Dr. Arrien's tea...


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