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In the realm of sound healing, I’m often asked the question, “Why Ohm?” Ohm is an ancient and sacred tone that is universally recognized and spiritually upheld. Ohm is our home tone and deeply familiar; its measured frequency is based on the elliptical orbit of Earth as it travels around the sun through four seasons.

Listening to the Ohm tone helps reconnect us to the pulses, cycles, and rhythms of life. Resonating with Ohm is grounding and leaves you in a relaxed yet present state.

My clinical experience, study, and research during the past 30 years have lead me to believe that Ohm and its overtones are complete with infinite possibility. As a musician, I believe that Ohm is our musical center of gravity.

Listening to music intentionally composed in the Ohm frequency can help strengthen your immune system, relax aching muscles, enhance massage and bodywork therapies, restore balance—even clear stagnant energy in a room. By tuning into the vibrations and cycles of the Earth through resonance with Ohm, we connect with something sacred.

Marjorie de Muynck

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Marjorie de Muynck, M. Mus., MSOM, Hon.,Creator of Ohm TherapeuticsNovember 25, 1952 – January 25, 2011 Born into a musical family, Marjorie de Muynck's interest in tuning forks, sound, and vib...


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