Surrender to the Love That Lives You with David Deida

What does it mean to surrender to the force of divine passion, both spiritually and sexually? It is not about merely adapting yourself to your own needs, or even those of your partner. True erotic surrender is about meeting and relaxing through these needs, so you can feel the love that is presently living you and your beloved, beating your hearts and breathing your souls. Sourced in your heart’s deepest yearning, sex becomes a whole-body prayer, a sacred art wherein you learn to give and receive unbounded love through every pore and moan.

Until you learn to be alive as love sexually, you will feel something missing in your heart and body. You will feel this emptiness or “hole” as a lack of love and self-worth. You may seek to fill this hole with love by pleasing others, or by standing independently and filling your alone self with affirmations.

Relationships based on the need to feel loved are always based on fear; perhaps your need won’t be fulfilled, or perhaps love will be lost, now or in the future. Spiritual and sexual growth require you to deeply relax as the gift of love you are, so you can live as a divine offering, even sexually.

Take care of needs, but don’t stop there. Surrender to the divine pulse of love in your heart that wants to be known and given, in every present moment. Feel this love at the heart of your partner and all beings, and offer this love so completely that no separate you is left to give. You are love. This is your truth and your divine sexual gift, if you are willing to surrender to be lived by love.

David Deida

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David Deida is internationally renowned for his revolutionary insights into mens and womens consciousness and his commitment to deepening genuine spiritual and sexual practice. His books are published...


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