Tapping In to Your Positive Resources Laurel Parnell, PhD

We all have resources within us—memories of comfort and safety, experiences of being courageous, or images that evoke a feeling of peace. These resources are stored in our body-mind network and can be accessed, activated, and strengthened with bilateral stimulation by physically tapping on the body. This is called “resource tapping,” a simple technique that can “link” your body’s natural resilience against stress.

To get an idea of how it feels, try this: Bring your attention to a quiet, still place inside yourself. Bring your mind to the resource you have chosen to work with. It might be the thought of your pet or a sacred image. Imagine the resource as well as you can. Open your senses. Notice what you’re seeing, what you’re hearing, what you’re smelling. What sensations do you feel on your skin? Take the time you need to elicit the information and “fill out” the resource.

When you have a strong sense of the resource, begin to lightly tap your knees. Right, left, right, left. Or try the butterfly hug—crossing your arms in front of your chest—and tapping on each shoulder; right, left, right, left. Tap six to 12 times, then stop and check in with your body. If it feels good and your inner resource feels stronger, tap some more. Tap as long as it feels positive.

Laurel Parnell

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Laurel Parnell, Ph.D is one of the world's leading experts on EMDR. A clinical psychologist, she has trained thousands in EMDR in her international workshops. Dr. Parnell is the author of Transforming...


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