The Experience of Real Freedom with Jason Shulman

We achieve limitlessness not by denying our body, feelings, or thoughts, but by letting them be, completely as they are, and getting out of the way. Spiritual integration does not happen by cutting away parts of yourself, even if they are troublesome parts. Unless these parts are given a home, they will always come back to haunt you.

The great mystery, of course, is how you can gain freedom by allowing something that is limiting you to fully exist in your body, mind, and spirit. You can experience this right now.

Try this: Stop reading and sit for a minute or two, just noting the feelings that are flowing through your body. Some of what you feel may be physical sensations, or the play of emotions within your body. In either case, simply let it all be there, exactly as it is, without trying to get rid of it. When the sensations have an emotional content, drop that connection and simply feel them vividly as physical sensations in the present moment. What happens?

The purpose of this exercise is not to quiet the mind but to let the body be as it is, while remaining conscious and aware. This allows you to glimpse a spacious state in which not only your body, but also your feelings and thoughts, can be brought together to support—and not hinder—your tangible and very real freedom.

Jason Shulman

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Jason Shulman is one of the world's leading teachers of personal healing and spiritual awakening, a rare combination of a modern Kabbalist who has also received Buddhist Dharma transmission. He is...


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