The Mayan Metaphysics of 2012 with John Major Jenkins

The ancient Mayan day-keepers visited their mountain shrines and tracked the sacred sequence of days. But they were more than just counters. They were also stargazers, cosmologists, philosophers, and shamans. They interacted with multiple dimensions to access healing power and spiritual wisdom. Our appreciation of ancient Mayan genius must take into account this mystical domain, which today is often misunderstood as primitive or superstitious.

The Mayan calendar embodies a comprehensive cosmovision, a grand unified theory of time, space, spirit, matter, and consciousness. It predicts that 2012 marks a critical point in the human evolutionary cycle“not the “end of the world,” but rather a shift from a civilization driven by self-serving forces to one shaped by higher consciousness. Each of us now has the opportunity to make this shift in service of the great unfolding mystery.

John Major Jenkins

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John Major Jenkins is a leading expert in the mysteries of ancient Mesoamerican cosmology and calendars. As an independent researcher, he has authored five books and many articles, including Maya Cosm...


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