The Musical Body: Vitalizer

Hello I'm David Ison and I'd like to welcome you to the Vitalizer's guidebook. The guidebook will show you how to use the Vitalizer's music to receive the essence of the Universal Life Energy, to awaken and tune your body's energetic system, the seven chakras and help you open the pathways to your essential self.

Before we get started on awakening your energetic system, I'd like to tell you a bit about my own personal journey. Many years ago I broke my back in a car accident and lost the ability to walk. I had been practicing a type of energy based meditation for about ten years by that point and I begin to use this technique to direct the body's vital force and the energy of the Universe itself and all of their natural healing powers to the area where the injury was most pronounced.

Slowly over a period of weeks I was able to create a deep state of relaxation and pain reduction. Gradually, I regained my ability to use my legs and walked out of the hospital. At that point I began the long recovery process, a journey that eventually lead to the creation of some very powerful music. Over time this music evolved into dozens of transformational compositions including the Vitalizer.

Besides creating the music, I also discovered a powerful Method for resolving the issues that are responsible for emotional, personal and spiritual imbalances within the body and the mind— the Ison Method. The Method uses the breath, music and meditation to help you let go of old perspectives, ways of thinking that keep you from becoming your true self. Using the Method will also open your body's Chakra system and help you receive the powerful Universal energy that surrounds all of us and is within you. And now, this method and this music are available for you. Welcome to Vitalizer and the Ison Method. David Ison 3.30.09


Vitalizer is 25 minutes in length and was designed to stimulate and awaken the body's Primary Energy Centers, opening the pathways to your essential self and stimulate the free flow of Universal life energy. There are seven sections in the composition, each one targeting a particular energy center. In between these sections are a few moments of beautiful musical interludes that lead you into the next section.

On the Vitalizer CD there are in fact, two programs: The first, the one you are listening to now, features this overview and then some guided instructions between the music for each energy center. The second program is the pure , essential Vitalizer, without any interruptions or verbal instructions. After familiarizing yourself with the Vitalizer by listening to the overview and the instructions in program one, you can then move easily to program Two for the complete uninterrupted experience.

Learning to Love Listening

Because the Ison Method is rooted in music and sound, it's important for you to pay attention to some basic human capabilities: listening and receiving. Living in the modern world is unbelievably stimulating and distracting. All of us are bombarded with sound and information, so much so that we have learned to tune out most of the sonic landscape, losing the ability to really listen. I hope we can change that a bit and have created these programs so that you can experience the joy of simply sitting comfortably and then simply— listening. Listening without and listening within.

This is why the Ison Method starts with the idea of learning to listen— By listening to the music, listening to the instructions in between each segment on the CD program, you learn to create the conditions that allow you to welcome being surrounded and immersed by the sound and music.

At deeper level, there is another type of listening that you should also become familiar with and then learn how to use: listening without your ears but with your inner ear, with your mind. This type of listening needs to be learned and then practiced. By learning to hear the sounds within your body and your mind, you will discover your vital force as a heightened sense of creative energy and your Essential Self, as words and ideas, as pictures in your mind and as feelings of self love and self awareness.

It's not hard to do this. You just need to let go of the hold the outside world has on you. The outside world is full of distractions— sights, sounds, smells all pull you out of yourself. This why the music and the Method are so helpful. The music creates a sound container that surrounds you with loving, safe vibrations that direct your mind inward. Just sit back. Relax and let the music be your guide.

Over time, you'll find yourself listening to yourself without the music helping you. Let this happen, you'll be amazed at what the Essential Self has to say, all you have to do is listen.

Along with listening, the program focuses on learning how to experience the energy of receiving. If you think about it, listening is receiving. You listen with your ears and they receive sound. You listen with your inner ear and you receive the whispers of your Essential Self. Going deeper, we can think about receiving at a more profound level: receiving the Universal Life Energy, receiving the fullness of your Essential Self and receiving the world around you. This level of receiving is very similar to the art of listening with your inner ear and takes some practice.

In order to receive at this level, you need to practice letting go.

Breathing with the Music: Learning to Relax and Let Go

The Vitalizer's music will help your body to breath in a way that has been demonstrated to create a deep state of relaxation. The compositions and the music work with your breath. Rising and falling chords will entrain your breathing pattern to breathe deeply and in long inhalations and exhalations. Follow the instructions in program one of the Vitalizer for a breathing exercise. This will give you an experience of the breathing method built into the music.

Breathing in this way will create the relaxation response and from within this state of body and mind, you can easily let go of tension, anxiety and stress. While you are listening to the music, allow yourself to drop down—to let go. Release any areas of your body that you feel yourself holding. Drop your shoulders and let your jaw release the tightness there. Over time you'll find this getting easer and easer. By letting go, you create the opportunity for you to receive the Universal Life Energy and you open the doors to your Essential Self.

Along with the breath work, letting go and receiving, the Vitalizer's music has been composed so that it will help to awaken each chakra in your energetic body, starting at the top of your head—the Crown Chakra, the gateway to the Universal Life Energy and for your highest self, your essential self and then descending through all Seven steps on the energetic ladder, ending at the base of your spine, the Root Chakra. Before we go much further, let me give you a very brief overview of the Chakra system and then we'll move on to how to use the Vitalizer so that you can awaken and release the energy held in there.

The Seven Chakras: Pathways to Your Essential Self and the Universal Life Energy

The Seven Chakras are your body's energetic super highway and are part of an integrated, interactive system. Your emotions, your thoughts, your ideas, indeed, the essence of who you are, your creative vital force and the energy of the Universe all flow through this aspect of the mind and body.

Each Chakra is located in a specific part of your body and is the embodiment of a particular group of principals, concepts and functions. Each chakra contains an aspect of your Essential Self and the process of opening the energy centers brings these aspects forward into your awareness. One of the ways this opening occurs is by having the energy center come into contact with Universal Life Energy. This contact awakens the Chakra, helping it open and releases the aspect of consciousness waiting there for you to receive.

For example: The Universal Life Energy enters the body and the mind through the Crown, sparking the potential for a multidimensional perspective, replete with the concepts of unity and the integration of all the aspects of the Essential Self. Here we see how the essence of the Universal Life Energy and the multifaceted aspects of the Essential Self have become embodied at the Crown Chakra. The appearance of these energies then creates the need for your consciousness to understand and embrace the highest principals of Integration and Wholeness. This is the birth of your creative multidimensional self, unfolding into your body, your mind and your spirit, emerging from the Crown, the 64 petaled lotus.

When you see this clearly it is pretty amazing. Take a few moments and meditate on this incredible example of how the universe and each and everyone of us are in deep harmony, in resonance, in union. This action of embodiment is present within each energy center.

Keys, Colors and Concepts

The Key of B
The Seventh Chakra
Almost white with a little pink

The highest rung on the energetic ladder is the Seventh chakra, gateway to the Universal Life Force and of all the aspects of your essential self. The Seventh Chakra is the seat of the energies of integration, unification and completion.

When the Crown is opening and flowing, the experience is profound. Feelings of completion and wholeness arrive, along with a deep sense of fulfillment…the type of comfortable satisfaction that comes when you are happy and secure with who you are.

When the Seventh Chakra is blocked and bound, a sense of mental agitation stemming from not being able to "see the forest for the trees" can overwhelm you. Confusion and doubt are often present, stemming from an inability to focus o the task at hand.


he open Crown will give you the understanding of how to integrate your diverse experiences and perceptions into a unified whole. You'll find yourself easily able to focus simultaneously on the whole and its constituent parts. And most of all, the work of opening the Seventh Chakra creates the experience of oneness and clarifies your understanding of surrender and acceptance, the last steps toward becoming your essential self.

The Key of A
The Sixth Chakra
Light purple

The Sixth Chakra receives the essence of clarification, allowing you to see things as they truly are. This Energy Center is the seat of the energies of clarity, open mindedness and seeing the truth. It is no coincidence that this center is located in the brow, in the "place between the eyes" Indeed, the sixth center is the most famous of all Chakras—the Third Eye.

When the Sixth Chakra is open and free flowing you experience a sense of clarification and let go of judgmental attitudes that produces anger, fear and resentment. Appreciation born of the ability to see things as they truly are tailors your outlook on life.

When the Sixth Chakra is blocked you will often experience feelings of anger, doubt and fear. Judgmental bias or dogmatic attitudes are usually present, states of mind the generally lead to an inability to make commitments. The need for clarification and reassurance is very present when this center is blocked.

Working to open the Sixth Chakra will bring forward an understanding of what it means to see clearly, without the energies of bias and judgment clouding your perspective and influencing your thinking and then your actions.

The Key of G
The Fifth Chakra
Dark Blue

The Fifth Chakra receives the essences of expression, communication and speaking your truth, aspects of the essential self that are deeply empowered by the harmonization of these energies in the heart chakra.

When the Fifth Chakra is open and free flowing, your ability to express the essence of who you are truly becomes possible. The essential self finally feels recognized, validated and received, you feel comfortable with you are and your expression reflects this.

When the Fifth Chakra is blocked, issues stemming from Low self esteem and the inability to express one's self clearly are present. "Holding back" the truth and an inability or reluctance to bring forth the qualities that were revealed in the transformation of the heart into language are also pervasive issues.

Opening the Fifth Chakra encourages the expression of the next step in fulfilling your purpose—being present with what your essential self thinks, believes and feels and developing the ability to speak from this place of unity and truth

The Key of F
The Fourth Chakra

The Heart Chakra receives the essences of transformation, interconnectedness and unconditional love. This powerful Energy Center is the seat of the energies of interconnection, transformation and the beauty of unconditional love, aspects of our essential self and its pure heart.

The opened and free flowing Heart Chakra resonates with the energy of this transformation. Embodied in the heart itself, this center naturally performs the function of Giving and receiving, giving and receiving, all in one motion, all at the same time, taking nothing, giving and sustaining life.

When the Heart Chakra is blocked, Feelings of loneliness and the sadness are present, at a deeper level, emotions and feelings are present that interfere with the experience of unconditional love, the understanding of wholeness and the nature of interconnection.

Learning to be present with our feelings and transcending our possessive, demanding natures seems to be a never ending story, born of our inability to simply accept all things for what they and stop trying to make them into what we want them to be. Opening the heart creates the opportunity to transcend this ancient human pattern and embrace the beauty of giving and receiving

The Key of E
The Third Chakra

The Third Chakra receives the energy of unification and the need to become centered in three dimensional space. This Energy Center is the seat of the energies of reception, unification and centering, aspects of the essential self that are deeply empowered by your ability to choose.

When the Third Chakra is open and free flowing you will experience a sense of being centered and a deep knowing of who and where you truly are. A sense of confident calm often accompanies these feelings.

When the Third Chakra is blocked and bound, you may experience shortness of breath and a tendency toward panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. You may be faced with the inability to define your position or relationship with the external world and experience chronic discontent with the details of your life.

Learning to let go of these preconceptions is the next step in creating the conditions that allows the essential self to come forward. By allowing yourself to let go of these desires and the preconceptions and expectations that accompany them, you are beginning the work of opening the Third Chakra.

The Key of D
The second Chakra

The Second Chakra receives the essence of relationship and the need to become willingly present in the body and the mind. This Energy Center is the seat of the energies of relationship, duality and the beginnings of self awareness.

When the Second Chakra is open and unblocked by your emotions, memories and desires, you experience a deep sense of self awareness, a feeling of knowing who you are, of being present within yourself and for yourself.

When this center is blocked, you may experience sensations of separation both within yourself and from your closest family members. You feel disconnected, not in relationship, agitated and alone. You are not present.

Learning to be present and to welcome your relationship with yourself and others is the next step in creating the conditions that allow the essential self to come forward. Opening the Second Chakra is an important step on this journey.

Key of C
The Root Chakra

The journey down the ladder of the energy centers ends at the root chakra which receives the essence of the creative life energy, creating the need to be grounded, to be filled with the joy incarnation. The root chakra is the seat of the energies of creation, your vital force, your purpose and the essence of who you are, your essential nature.

When the Root chakra is open you experience a feeling of calm self confidence, along with the energy of your creative vital force moving throughout the mind and body.

When the Root Center is blocked or bound by your emotions, memories and desires you often experience feelings of self doubt, a lack of purpose, along with the never ending list of questions concerning who am I and what is my purpose in life. This energetic state of body, mind and spirit leaves you feeling empty and not present, not grounded.

Learning to stay grounded and in the body is a very important first step in doing the work of bringing forward the essential self and experiencing the flow of your creative vital force. Opening the Root chakra is the first step on this journey.

Opening your Energy Body: Receiving The Universal Life Energy and your Essential Self

In most people the energy centers are waiting, waiting to open, waiting to release the potential within, waiting to help you receive the aspects of the Essential self and the creative energy that are held in each Center. There are many questions concerning the nature of the Essential Self and the Universal Life Energy. Here are some guidelines: Your Essential Self: The Real You

When I was in recovery and starting my own personal journey toward myself, I began to get glimmers of what I now call the essential self. There are many names for this aspect of consciousness, the true self, the higher self, the divine presence, the god within are just a few.

Just what is the essential self? The best way I can describe this aspect of consciousness is that the Essential Self is who you truly are —the real you. It turns out that the real you is covered over with layers and layers of emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage. This baggage is born of your desires, your attachments to those desires, and then to the expectation that you will always and forever have those desires fulfilled. Your Essential Self is the aspect of your consciousness that is free of these perceptions and acts without the energy of trying to get what you want interfering with its way of thinking and doing.

An important aspect of your consciousness and your basic identity is lives within these layers of baggage. This piece of yourself is the "you" that is filled with craving and desire, and is not who you truly are. Yet for the most part this is the piece of your identity that moves you, that is driving the bus so to speak. Without entering a process of personal transformation and spiritual growth, this unfulfilled, attached, and judgmental part of you is determining all of your actions and then creating the results.

Each Energy Center contains particular aspects of your Essential Self. These aspects are covered over with layers of self doubt, spiritual questions and the energies of guilt, anger and judgment. Your essential self is hidden, waiting for you to ask it to come forward, waiting to be seen, to heard, to be loved. The path of spiritual, emotional and personal development is all about resolving the issues that create these layers and then using a practice to clear them from your body, mind and spirit.

There are many schools of thought about how to clear away the layers of craving and desire so that the Essential Self can find a clear pathway through your heart and mind, into your body and soul. Meditation practices, New Age perspectives, and spiritual schools of thought all address this universal human journey.

Using the Vitalizer is a great way to move through these blockages, create balance within your energetic system, and open the pathways to your Essential Self. By listening to the music, by breathing into the blockage, and then by focusing your awareness on each energy center, you let go of the tension there and release the blocked energy and the hidden aspects of the real you. Both of these streams of body and mind are waiting for you to open yourself to their presence and welcome them into your heart and then to use.

The Ison Method and the Vitalizer will help you do this. Using the Method will also bring you into contact with the Universal Life Energy, within you and without.

The Universal Life Energy: The Spark That Moves Us

All around you is an energy, infinite, boundless and full of life. This is the energy that maintains existence itself, generating, maintaining and perpetuating all of the myriad forms of matter, energy and of consciousness.

This energy fills you with the spirit, fills you with life. In your body its called the creative life force, the vital force, your qi. Outside your body this energy is called the universal life force.

From above your head, the Universal Energy enters your Chakra system, carrying the essences of your unique vital force and the qualities of the essential self… directing those energies toward your crown chakra. As they enter your crown, the chakra responds to their presence and begins the process of opening to a higher sense of purpose and personal transformation…a path of meditation and energy work that brings you into alignment with the universal life force, your own vital force and to your essential self.

This journey continues through all seven chakras, each one receiving the boundless energy of the life force, each step on the ladder opening like a flower, receiving the beauty of the universe and then releasing that energy into the mind, body and spirit, until your entire energy body stands firmly on the ground, centered and in alignment within it self and with the essence of the universal life force. Truly you become and are the embodiment of the highest principals of as above, so below.

Along with opening the pathways to your Essential Self, using the Vitalizer and the Ison Method is a great way to receive the essence of the Universal Life Energy. By listening and breathing with the music and by focusing your awareness on each energy center, this powerful essence becomes available for you to receive— to embrace— to use— to use creatively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I recommend that you use the Vitalizer once a day. It's a perfect way to get to know your energy body and you'll feel great after your session.

Before we close and you begin to use the Vitalizer, here are few final steps:

How to Listen to Your Music

The Vitalizer has been created for you to use, learn from and to enjoy. In order to get the most out your listening experience, here are some suggestions on how to listen to the music.

First, you should never listen to our programs using ear buds out of your IPOD. These tiny headphones are dangerous and can potentially damage your inner eardrums. I wouldn't want you to go through that.

Headphones are great, just don't leave them on for extended periods of time or go to sleep using them. And always remember to keep the volume low in your headphones.

Please do not use the Vitalizer while driving. Not only is this potentially dangerous, ( I mean, do you really want to be releasing and receiving large amounts of your Vital Energy while you are hurtling down the freeway at 65 miles an hour?) this work is really a solitary effort, and should be experienced in the comfort and safety of your own home.

A great stereo is of course, the best way to listen. However, the Vitalizer sounds terrific and functions perfectly in any system you are using. If you can, try and position your speakers about 5 feet apart and sit or lie down in front of this configuration. Again, if you don't have this capability, don't worry, the music sounds wonderful and works fine. The main idea is that this music is most effective when it fills the room's acoustics at a natural ambient listening level.

Try and create a space for listening and doing your work. Dedicating an area for this type of inner journey is nice, it helps to focus your intentions and the actions you take.

Using the Vitalizer: Guidelines for Your Sessions

If you follow these guidelines you'll get the best results from the music.

Start off with listening and absorbing the 20 minute overview in program one. Pay particular attention to the second half of this program where instructions and descriptions of the energy centers are given between each chakra section.

When you feel that you a good understanding of the Chakra system, the Universal Life Energy and the aspects of the Essential Self contained in each Center, move on to program Two, the uninterrupted Vitalizer.

Experiencing the Vitalizer as an Energetic Meditation:

Set aside a good 45 minutes for this session. Give this time to yourself, its important that you are free from the daily grind for these few precious moments. Allow yourself this luxury.

Load the CD into the CD player and then sit in a comfortable chair or lie down with your hands at your sides. Spend a few minutes becoming aware of yourself and your breathing.

Turn on the Vitalizer.

As the music begins, take a few deep breaths and then breathe naturally. Do not force your breath into any particular pattern.

Allow the music to surround you. The music will create a sonic container, a safe, secure place for you to be within. Let the music wrap you in its transformational vibrations.

Watch your breath. See how it goes in and out. Do not try and change you're breathing, just let it go. Be with the breath rather than trying to alter it at all.

Gradually, let the music take you on a journey. Allow yourself to be guided by the sounds.

You may feel a tingling at the top of your head and experience a slight energetic charge in your body and your mind. This is good. You are beginning to feel the presence of the Universal Life Energy as it enters your Crown and begins its journey toward your Root Chakra. This energy is your essence, the energy that keeps you alive and sustains your life. Learn to feel this energy throughout the body. It is your friend and through practice, you can eventually come to know it intimately.

As the music continues and you move downward through each energy center, you may see stories in your head, memories may come forward that you have kept locked away for a long, long time. Don't be afraid of these things, they want you to know them and are waiting to be heard. Allowing this type of information to come forward is a real beginning into the recovery and discovery of the true self within.

You may see a variety of colors at different times during the performance. This is also good. These colors are the tones of the energies held within each Chakra. The more present they are for you the closer you are getting to unbinding the Centers and releasing the aspects of the Essential Self waiting there.

Allow these things to happen. They are part of the alignment process. You may want to take note of such changes and remember them for future reference.

Every body's experience is DIFFERENT. Some will see images and stories some will see color, some will feel the Universal Life Energy moving and some will just have a pleasant, relaxing experience.

All of these things are good and healthy. Never berate yourself if you don't experience these things right away. Never tell yourself that you have "failed" or had a bad session. Just allow what happens to happen and over time, through many sessions you will begin to notice your own essence in the way that is best FOR YOU.

Above all: Listen. Listen to your own mind and body. Let the music show you the world inside your mind. This can only happen if you listen with an open mind and heart and without you wanting to change the experience.

Just let the changes happen to you. Watch them as they move through the experience. Don't judge these changes; allow them to speak for themselves.

Lastly, the Vitalizer is an important step in order to truly begin the work that the 9 CD Program— The Musical Body has to offer. I encourage you to continue your journey with the Musical Body, after experiencing the Vitalizer.

Final Guidelines

First, try and become familiar with the Chakra system and how the music in the program harmonizes each energy center and balances the entire energetic system.

You should also play the music while you sleep, the music will create a deeper experience of your daily meditations and keep your energy system tuned and in alignment. Use The Vitalizer at night, all night, doing so helps to integrate your energy body while your physical body is at rest.

Again, if you have the space, set a nice area for you to do your work in. Try and decorate it simply, without a lot of extra visual stimulation. You'll find that over time the space becomes filled with the vibrations of the music AND YOUR energy. It's nice to step into a space that feels that way.

It's a good idea if you tell those closest to you that you are starting your journey to your Essential Self. They can support you when things get rocky. It also feels good to receive their love and support.

Next, don't over due it! Give yourself a break. Take things slow, this culture wants you to grab on to everything right now, immediately. Please don't fall prey to this type of thinking and all of the expectations that come along with it. Take your time, its ok to let things come, to let things unfold.

Lastly, our culture fosters the idea that we can achieve instant enlightenment or happiness if we only find the right pill, partner, or teacher. I believe that there is very little outside yourself that can bring you self realization. We understand that all human beings must work for their own happiness and this process is constant throughout a lifetime.

The Ison Method is one tool you can use to move your self farther along on the path of self-knowledge and well being. However, like all powerful tools the user needs to work in order to achieve results. This is why I call The Vitalizer a personal participation program.

I have found that people with little or no experience with deeper aspects of consciousness react very strongly to initial contact with their inner nature. Due to this type of reaction, folks often resist moving forward on the path of self realization and discovery out of fear and the confusion that emerges from an initial meditative experience.

I encourage you to understand that the continued practice of creating a state of relaxation and receptivity, and the development of a critical perspective on how your body and mind function when they are in that state, has great emotional, physical and spiritual value. Try and develop what is called: "The Continuity of Practice". By doing this work everyday, you grow stronger in the practice and ever closer to your true nature — your Essential Self.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guidebook. I wish you the best on your journey to yourself. Make a commitment to stay with this work, you'll be glad you did...

David Ison

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