The Musical Body

Welcome to the Musical Body and the Ison Method

David Ison's transformational music and his Ison Method have brought relief, spiritual awareness and emotional balance to people around the world. The Ison Method is about many things—music, healing, the Chakra system, energy—underneath it all, however, The Method recognizes the universality of the human quest for the knowledge of our essential nature, our life's purpose, and the search for a deep sense of inner peace. The Method offers a process that addresses this universal longing and the accompanying need for emotional, spiritual and energetic balance.

This process leads to the unbinding and liberation of the potential within the seven energy centers. Through the use of The Method, you learn techniques that help to release your body's vital force, and practices that provide you more creative, emotional, and physical energy. The Method also gives you the tools to resolve old emotional issues that create energy draining feelings of anger, hatred, guilt, fear, and confusion; clearing the pathway for the reception of your Essential Self. Ultimately, the practice of the Ison Method and the use of our musical meditation tools will bring about a deep understanding of your personal place in the world and the feelings that accompany the joy of being alive, free, and in balance.

This guidebook will introduce you to the Ison Method and offer suggestions about how to incorporate The Musical Body Program into your meditation practice and your day to day life.

In our experience, most people who enjoy music are interested in how it can be used as a transformational tool. Many are eager to experience the transformational use of sound. It is possible to benefit from The Musical Body Program without understanding how the CDs work or following the recommended exercises. The information contained in this guidebook, however, will enable you to enhance the benefits of the program.

The guidebook will help you choose the appropriate CD, work actively with the energetic and transformational components of the music, and offer suggestions on ways to understand and process your experience.

We recommend that you read the manual at least once before using any of The Musical Body's CDs.

A message from David Ison

Hello, I'm David Ison and I'd like to welcome you to the Musical Body. Before we get started on the journey through your energetic system and toward the essential self, I'd like to tell you a bit of my own personal journey.

Many years ago I broke my back in a car accident and lost the ability to walk. I was in a great deal pain and very, very scared. Something had to be done and it didn't look good. Of course, the medical establishment's approach was to perform surgery right away and to pump me full of addictive, numbing drugs.

What they didn't know was that I had been practicing a type of energy based meditation for about ten years by that point. I refused the surgery and the drugs and began to use meditation techniques to direct the body's vital force— our natural healing energy— to the area where the injury was most pronounced. Slowly over a period of weeks I was able to create a deep state of relaxation and reduce my levels of pain.

Gradually I regained my ability to use my legs and walked out of the hospital. Happily, I wasn't addicted to drugs and was relatively pain free. I began a long recovery process; an effort that eventually led to the creation of some very powerful music. This music mimicked the breathing patterns of the meditation techniques I used to recover from the accident.

Amazingly, listening to the music brought listeners into a deep state of relaxation. The music also resonated the body's energy system—the Seven Chakras. It stimulated these centers, awakening them and releasing the storehouse of creative vital force that was waiting there to be discovered, giving listeners glimpses into the deepest aspects of themselves. Over time this music evolved into the Ison Method and dozens of transformational programs including the Musical Body— the program you have chosen to experience.

Besides creating the music, I also discovered a powerful method for clearing out the layers of emotional, personal and spiritual baggage within the consciousness, creating pathways to your Essential Self. Over time this new music and the method was embraced by the very medical establishment that offered me surgery and drugs; highlighted by its use at the National Institutes of Health. At the NIH, studies were performed showing that the music does create a deep state of relaxation and brings about profound positive emotional, psychological, and physical changes in people who used it. Now this music and this method is available to you, so welcome to the Musical Body Program.

The Musical Body: Practice and Purpose

The Musical Body is a music based transformational system designed to create a deep state of relaxation, release your creative life energy, and to communicate a practice, a method, that brings you closer to your Essential Self.

The MB is the corner stone of the Ison Method. The Musical Body contains 7 transformational programs that are one hour in length, the 8th program— the Harmonizer is 30 minutes. Each program helps to awaken and then bring forward the energy waiting within each of the body's seven energy Centers, the seven chakras. Each program uses its own distinctive harmonic pattern to entrain the breath so that it mimics the slow deep patterns of meditative breathing and helps the listener create a state of deep relaxation and emotional receptivity.

I have designed each of the Musical Body's seven programs to resonate with the energy of a specific Chakra. Each program offers a unique verbal meditation that targets a particular energy center, followed by a long period of beautiful and highly effective music. These powerful compositions will help to enhance your breathing, create a deep state of relaxation, release the vital force held in that Chakra, and then bring you closer to the experience of the essential, spiritual self that is waiting there to be received.

The Harmonizer is a 30 minute journey through your energy body and offers a unique transformational experience, aligning your Chakra system in one program. Please see the section on the Harmonizer for more information.

The MB starts with the idea of listening— listening to the music in each program, listening to the instructions and meditations at the beginning of each CD, and then listening to the Essential Self coming forward as you use the method and the music.

Another thing to realize about listening when you think about it, is that listening is receiving. You listen with your ears and they receive sound. By creating the relaxation response through working with your breath and helping let go of tension and trauma, the Ison Method helps you to experience the energy of receiving; receiving your vital force, receiving your self, and receiving the world around you.

There is another type of listening and then receiving that you should also become familiar with— that of listening with your inner ear, with your mind. Turning your ears inward and tuning into your interior universe, you can receive your vital force as a heightened sense of creative energy and your Essential Self as words and ideas; as pictures in your mind and as feelings of self love and self awareness. I encourage you to continue to develop the capacity to experience listening and receiving from within as well as without.

Breathing with the music:

Lets talk a little bit about the breath and the importance of breathing to relax. Consistent, slow, and deep breathing typically reduces your pulse and blood pressure and creates a calm, receptive state of mind. When your body and mind are relaxed, your vital force finds it easier to move and thought, emotion, and consciousness flows more freely. This unimpeded flow of energy promotes and sustains healthful balance within the body and mind, and supports the continual reception of the Essential Self.

The Musical Body's programs will help your body to breath in a way that will help achieve this state of relaxation and receptivity. Just follow the instructions that accompany each program and you'll see how easy it is.

Awakening your Energy Body, creating pathways to the Essential Self:

The Ison Method and the Musical Body Program helps you enter into a practice designed to awaken the chakras and create a free flow of the body's vital force. I have designed each of the Musical Body's eight CDs to resonate with the energy of a specific Chakra. When you breath with the music and experience the composition's awakening qualities, the chakra will open and release the creative vital force, as well as the aspects of the Essential Self that that have been waiting for such a long time for you to allow them to come forward.

By clearing out the energetic impediments that are surrounding each energy center, we come to a deeper understanding as to who we are as individuals and why we behave in the ways that we do. These insights can then lead us into the realm of self love and appreciation for who we truly are, because in the end, we are thinking, choosing human beings— beings who are full of the understanding of how they choose what they choose and why they have made those choices.

Lastly, by learning this practice and using it at home, you create the opportunity to work through profound emotional and spiritual issues. By doing this as a daily practice, you gain the insights necessary to create changes in your thinking and then in the way you interact with the world around you. You can bring your inner work into your everyday life, and this is the point, you are learning to apply what you discovered during your meditations to everyday situations. Over time you will find yourself being less angry at yourself and others and more adaptable to the changing situations that you find yourself in. You'll develop a less judgmental approach to living and be more calm, relaxed, and peaceful in your self, and ultimately more present, confident and happy.

Discovering the Essential Self:

When I was in recovery and starting my own personal journey toward myself, I discovered the energy of vital force and began to get glimmers of what I now call the Essential Self. There are many names for this aspect of consciousness: the true self, the higher self, the divine presence, the god within —these are just a few.

What is the Essential Self?

The best way I can describe this aspect of consciousness is that the Essential Self is who you truly are —the real you. It turns out that the real you is covered over with layers and layers of emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage. This baggage is born of your desires, your attachments to those desires, and then to the expectation that you will always and forever have those desires fulfilled.

An important aspect of your consciousness and your basic identity is born within these layers of baggage. This piece of yourself is the "you" that is filled with craving and desire, and is not who you truly are. Yet for the most part this is the piece of your identity that moves you, that is driving the bus so to speak. Without entering a process of personal transformation and spiritual growth, this unfulfilled, attached, and judgmental part of you is determining all of your actions and then creating the results.

Your Essential Self is the aspect of your consciousness that is free of these perceptions and acts without the energy of trying to get what you want interfering with its way of thinking and doing. There are many schools of thought about how to clear away the layers of craving and desire so that the Essential Self can find a clear pathway through your heart and mind, into your body and soul. Meditation practices, New Age perspectives, and spiritual schools of thought all address this universal human journey.

No matter what practice you choose to use in order to release your storehouse of vital force and move closer to your Essential Self, its important for you to become intimately familiar with your body's energetic system. Lets spend some time getting know this aspect of the body, mind and spirit.

Climbing the ladder...The Seven Chakras

The human energetic system, and the Seven Chakras, is the body's spiritual, emotional, and informational super highway. Your emotions, thoughts, and ideas, the essence of who you are and your creative vital force, all flow through this aspect of the mind and body.

There are seven primary energy centers in the chakra system. Each chakra is located in a specific part of your body and controls a specific aspect of your autonomic nervous system. According to numerous traditional healing systems and practical experience, each energy center resonates with certain colors and musical notes. Perhaps most importantly, each Energy Center "resonates" with a specific set of ideas and principals. What follows is a chart that lists the chakras, where they are located in the body, and the principal that is associated with each particular Center.

1.) The First Center—The Root Chakra—Identity and Creation—Key of C

2.) The Second Center—The Abdominal Chakra—Relationship—Key of D

3.) The Third Center—The Solar Plexus Chakra—Choice—Key of E

4.) The Fourth Center—The Heart Chakra—Transformation—Key of F

5.) The Fifth Center—The Throat Chakra—Expression—Key of G

6.) The Sixth Center—The Brow Chakra—Clarification—Key of A

7.) The Seventh Center—The Crown Chakra—Integration—Key of B

Your energetic body can be seen as a ladder. There have been many references to this vision of the chakras, from Jacob's Ladder, the Kabala, and the Tree of Life of the Hebrews, to the Meridians in Chinese acupuncture, to the mapping of the chakras in Aruvedic medicine and so on.

The Ison Method views each Chakra as a rung on the ladder. Each Chakra is the embodiment of particular principals, concepts and functions and is a step toward coming into resonance with the Essential Self. These principals are then distributed to the body and the mind of both individuals and the collective consciousness of all human beings through the activity of each Energy Center.

For example, the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine resonates with the genitals and all of their creative life giving potential. Here we see how the energy of the principal of creation has come into the body; has become embodied at the Root Chakra. When you see this clearly it is pretty amazing. Take a few moments and meditate on this incredible example of how the universe and each and every one of us are in deep harmony, in resonance, in union. This action of embodiment is present within each energy center.

Because these principals are so deeply embedded in all of our bodies and our minds, they exert a considerable influence on our everyday behaviors and therefore on our everyday lives. This influence is so strong within all of us that there is a universal human drive to come to an understanding of the issues that these principals represent.

Accessing this part of the body/mind system and unblocking the body's primary energy centers is an activity that will help you come to know the deepest aspects of yourself. Becoming familiar with the location of each chakra and the corresponding principals associated with that center is an essential component of your journey, and I encourage you to take the time to do so.

This level of familiarity is necessary to remove blockages and experience an awakening of the Essential Self and your energetic body. These fundamental essences can be kept at bay by certain parts of a person's identity for a very long time, and particular portions of a person's nature have a vested interest in keeping these truths hidden at all costs.

By climbing the ladder of the energy centers in a step-by-step manner you gain the most insight and build a strong foundation for you inner development, emotional stability, and personal success.

"We all create blocks because we see the world as unsafe. We block in patterns that involve our whole energy system." —Barbara Brennan

The nature of an energetic blockage

The chakra system and the energy centers will develop blockages and become bound up, so to speak. There are lots of reasons for this binding and blocking to occur, and in order to practice awakening the energy centers, you should understand what a blockage is, how it got there, and what the process we use for resolving the issues that created the blockage is.

Emotional and physical trauma, the difficulties of everyday life, and spiritual questions and crisis create tension in the body and the mind. We hold this tension, and this holding blocks the flow of vital force and creative energy, making us tired, confused, and cranky. This holding also keeps us from knowing who we truly are, rather than receiving the gifts that the world and our Essential Selves have to coffer, we are always in reactionary mode, blocking the energy of our own vital force and submerging the Essential Self.

There are many aspects to a blockage in the energetic body and many factors behind how such a blockage is created. According to the way I look at things, energetic blockages have two components:

1.) When a person receives information from the external world, something the human body/mind system is doing constantly, the individual processes that information in many ways. One of the procedures that the mind goes through is that of qualifying, categorizing, and judging all of it's experiences and incoming sensory information.

If a person finds an experience unpleasant or undesirable; if the mind says, "I really don't like this and I don't want to know about that", the individual will spend a great deal of mental energy suppressing, burying, and denying this event.

This expenditure of mental energy creates a physical blockage that is located somewhere in the body, as well as in the mind. Despite the fact that this event or this information is true, and that the person is involved one way or another, the mind throws a lot of mental energy at what is now a "memory" in an effort to maintain a suppression of this information and a state of denial. This suppressed information becomes embedded and "inhabits" an area of the person's body.

You encounter indications of this locational aspect in phrases like "It all goes right to my back", or "It breaks my heart", or "Every time I think about that I get a headache". Ulcers, high blood pressure, and neck and shoulder pain are examples of this locational phenomenon. This aspect of expending energy to keep information from coming into one's awareness, and the maintenance of this state of unawareness is the first aspect of an energetic blockage.

2.) At the same time a person is suppressing and blocking a truth as outlined above, he or she is also creating a version of the event that the mind finds acceptable, and then feeds this distorted version back to him or herself. This aspect of creating an acceptable fiction and then feeding it back to oneself is the second aspect of a blockage.

This is where large amounts of creative, vital force will be expended— in the service of maintaining the blockage. This aspect of the blockage drains a great deal more vital force than the first stage, largely due to the fact that the effort to maintain the blockage is continual.

In the end it's like this: something happens to you, and somewhere within your emotional make-up, you decide that you don't like what happens, don't want to remember it —you don't want it in your life. So what do you do? You block it out. You hide it from yourself. Let's be clear about this. You may think you are hiding it but you are really just covering it over; burying the experience beneath layers of fiction and denials. In truth, that memory is in there somewhere and it is exerting its hold on the body/mind every minute of every day of your life until you set about to bring that painful information forward into your primary field of awareness. So we've got to go about the business of unblocking and unbinding, of releasing and receiving.

Now, imagine the amount of vital force and creative energy that is being expended to create and then maintain these types of blockages. It's a lot, and these blockages are in fact depleting you of this vital force, running you down, and making you tired and cranky.

There is a way to deal with these debilitating conditions —Practice the Ison Method!! Use the music and the meditations to create the opportunity for these blockages to be removed. By breathing into the blockage and focusing your awareness on that area, and by being surrounded by this incredible music, you will release the tension and release the blocked energy. This energy which was being used to maintain the blockage is now available for you to receive, to use creatively, emotionally, and physically.

Each program in the Musical Body has been designed to help you with the process of releasing the tension that is blocking a particular chakra, to awaken that energy center and then receive the benefits of its opening and flowering. Ultimately, this is the purpose of the program —to communicate a method that brings forward these results.

"Experience is not possible without reflection." —Carl Jung

Observing and witnessing reality as it is

One of the most important aspects of energetic balancing is meditation. There are many many schools of meditation and dozens of meditation methods. After years of practice using most of these systems, I have come to know that all meditation practices should be based on the principal of "learning to observe reality as it is."

I have found the principal of observing reality as it is to be a most helpful navigational aid. The first step toward experiencing the Essential Self is to understand the notion of how to observe reality as it is. Learning to observe the world as it is and not what you think it should be or want it to be is a good thing to do in general, and when it is applied to the process of self realization, this tool is an excellent ally and a very important meditation tool to have at your disposal.

Essentially, the concept is that we look at things through the lens of our own perceptions. These perceptions are our desires, our world views —the ways we think that life ought to work. The truth is, the reality that we are looking at, experiencing, and living within is the reality all by itself. It has basically nothing to do with us and it certainly isn't going to look like the way we want it to look just because we want it to look that way.

Seeing reality for what it is, not what you may want it to be, is a big step in charting your way across the stormy seas of the mind. What you end up learning is this:

We, as thinking, sentient, choosing beings, place our own interpretation on what we are observing. Be that a glass, a sunset, or an emotional reaction to one's father's or mother's abandonment. We label these things with what we want them to be and these labels are in fact, just that—our definition of an objective reality, an aspect of the greater reality that is really quite independent of us, in all senses of the word.

We make ourselves dependent on this reality by doing this kind of labeling. And in so doing we imbue the object we are labeling with a power that it truly does not have. One of the results of giving objective reality this false power is that we then REACT to what we have projected upon that reality.

We are not reacting to what exists, we are reacting to what we have labeled to exist. We have in a very big way put a judgment on what we are experiencing, rather than seeing it for what it is.

By learning to observe reality as it is, we break the chain of dependence we have created for ourselves. We are no longer affected by the false powers our emotions have over us. Furthermore, by practicing this procedure we eliminate judgment from within ourselves, a truly wonderful goal in any one's life.

Learn to just observe. This takes time and effort. When a deep emotional response comes to the front of your mind, rather than reacting to it, try just observing it. Try saying to yourself "Oh look, I'm angry right now". Or "Oh look, I want that extra piece of pie right now". Or "Oh, I wish my mother loved me more". With anything that rises to the front of your mind, try to just observe it. Don't give it anything, just see it for what it is.

Practice seeing, witnessing, and observing reality as it is, not what you want it to be. You will be much, much happier when you do.

"Harmony is the thing principally sought in music, hence the sages made music in response to Heaven and framed ceremonies in correspondence with Earth." —Confucius

Using the programs

There are several ways to use the Musical Body. Feel free to go with the one that suits you best. All of these approaches have their benefits.

First, as we have discussed earlier, you need to insure that you are familiar with the chakra system and how each program harmonizes with each particular energy center. Each program works with a particular Chakra —its location in the body and the principals that are associated with it. Each program is an hour in length and has a verbal introduction and a meditation at the beginning of its musical program.

The introduction will give you important information about the energy center, information that will help you in awakening the energy held in that Chakra. I have designed each meditation to help you to create the conditions that will unblock each energy center, receive the energy that is waiting there, and help you experience your Essential Self.

Program/CD selection:

Many people elect to use the Musical Body as an eight week course, a sequential journey through your energetic body. To use the program in this way, you start with a few days of the Harmonizer as a way of familiarizing yourself with the program's music and it's application. After doing this, you then start at the beginning so to speak; with the Root Chakra and working up the energetic ladder, spending a week on each program and learning about your energy body in a structured manner.

Once you have gone through the eight week course, you will be in a very different frame of mind body and spirit! And you will want to continue the use of the program. Now you can start using individual programs with the idea of resolving particular issues in mind.

You may also choose to start by selecting a particular program and working on that area until you feel ready to move to another.

The general rule is to choose a program that targets the region of the body where you are experiencing symptoms associated with the concept or principals associated with that particular area of the body. You may be experiencing emotional or physical tension in that area. Through your evaluation you may have identified an emotional or physical blockage, disruption, or a heightened sensitivity to a certain issue. You then select the program in the Key that corresponds with those issues.

Here's an example: Say you are having difficulty expressing yourself. Perhaps you have experienced some personal trauma in your life and are holding that memory and the emotions associated with the experience. Maybe you are experiencing tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. All of these symptoms are signs of a blocked Fifth Chakra. In this case you would select the program for the Fifth Chakra, the Key of G.

Set aside the time to use the Key of G. Put on the program and begin to listen. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the program and then spend some time meditating in the way that I suggest. And you know what? Very soon the issues that you have been blocking will come forward and you'll be able to speak about them to yourself and to your friends and family

So, this is the process of program selection: Observe the symptoms, the physical and emotional sensations you are experiencing from all the aspects of those energy bodies—the physical, emotional and the spiritual. Listen to these aspects of yourself and then select the program that is in alignment with these issues. Work with that program until you feel a shift in the degree of self awareness around the issues, along with a more expanded level of creative vital force and an accompanying sense of relaxed receptivity that comes with an open and free flowing energy center.

This is a great way to use the Musical Body. A couple of things though: I feel that it is most effective to start with the Harmonizer no matter how you choose to utilize the Musical Body' programs. Spend some time with the Harmonizer, it will help you familiarize yourself with your energy body. Doing so will point in the right direction.

An important point: You don't have to move in sequence. Spend some time locating where your deepest issues are and focus on those areas first. Things may change on a daily basis. You may wish to start your morning with a quick scan of your body and mind. Try using your observing and witnessing techniques as a way of identifying particular issues and challenges that are present on this particular day, at this particular time in your life. The scan will show you where your issues are and then you select the program that is appropriate for that set of challenges. Work with it until you feel your Essential Self speaking to through the flow of you creative vital force

After spending some time using the programs in this way, you might do an eight week course, using the programs in sequence to go even deeper into the energetic experience.

You should also play the music while you sleep. The music will create a deeper experience of your daily meditations and keep the body and the mind tuned to the particular energy center. Playing the program at night, all night, helps to integrate your experience in the dream state and lets you carry on the work at deeper levels during the day.

Lastly, emotional, spiritual, and physical stuff will come up while you use the program. This is the point! You are learning a practice that has been designed to bring these experiences forward in such a way that you can handle it, process it, and then integrate your experience. Learn to be comfortable with this aspect of the program. Practice observing these emotional and spiritual storms and make a commitment to stay with the work. This is how you create the opportunity for the Essential Self to come forward in all of the aspect of your life.

Before you start your journey to the Essential Self and to awakening the chakras, let's move on to the next section. Here is where you'll find information on each energy center, descriptions on how each of the Musical Body's programs works and advice on how to get the most out of each program.

How to listen to your music

The Musical Body's 8 programs have been created for you to use, learn from and to enjoy. In order to get the most out your listening experience, here are some suggestions on how to listen to the music. First, you should never listen to our programs using ear buds out of your IPOD. These tiny headphones are dangerous and can potentially damage your inner eardrums. I wouldn't want you to go through that.

Headphones are great, just don't leave them on for extended periods of time or go to sleep using them. And always remember to keep the volume low in your headphones.

Please do not use the Musical Body's programs while driving. Not only is this potentially dangerous ( I mean, do you really want to be getting in touch with issues surrounding your relationship with your mother while you are hurtling down the freeway at 65 miles an hour...?)

A great stereo is of course, the best way to listen. However, the Musical Body sounds terrific and functions perfectly in any system you are using. If you can, try and position your speakers about 5 feet apart and sit or lie down in front of this configuration. Again, if you don't have this capability, don't worry, the music sounds wonderful and works fine. The main idea is that this music is most effective when it fills the room's acoustics at a natural ambient listening level.

Try and create a space for listening and doing your work. Dedicating an area for this type of inner journey is nice, It helps to focus your intentions and the actions you take.

Let's move on to the Harmonizer, what it is and how you use it.

THE HARMONIZER...Aligning your energy body

The Harmonizer program is the eighth program in the Musical Body. 25 minutes in length, the Harmonizer was designed to resonate and stimulate the Energy Centers, unblocking the pathways that the body's vital force flows through and stimulating the free flow of that energy. This program features three minute segments of each program in the Musical Body. These sections are complimented by 1 minute interludes that hold the entire piece together, creating a seamless journey through your energy body.

You can use the Harmonizer as a chakra alignment experience or as a way of identifying where particular blockages are in your energy body. I recommend that you start your journey through the Musical Body with a few sessions with the Harmonizer. It's a perfect way to get to know your energy body and you'll feel great after your session. When you're ready to use the Harmonizer, simply put in the CD and follow the instruction at the beginning and then sit back and relax...

The Musical Body's 7 Programs

THE KEY OF C...The Second Chakra...The Root

Location: the base of the spine.

Color: Red

Musical Key: The Key of C

Concepts and principals: Creation, purpose, identity and intent

Indications of a blockage:

Physical: Difficulty staying in the body, staying connected. Lack of energy and vitality.

Psychological: Disassociation, lack of purpose; dependence; addiction; alienation; unsatisfied sexual expression; envy; jealousy; and covetous anger.

Indications of an open, free flowing 1st Chakra

Physical: A feeling of unimpeded energy throughout the body.

Psychological: A profound sense of purpose and a deep sense of security about oneself.

Key questions:

Who am I? What is my purpose in this life? Where does it all begin? And where does it end?

Lets get started on your journey to experiencing your Essential Self... this journey begins with the Root Chakra, the seat of the energies of creation, your vital force, your purpose, and the essence of who you are—your essential nature.

When the 1st or Root Chakra is open and unblocked by your emotions, memories, and desire, you experience a feeling of calm self confidence, along with the energy of your creative vital force moving throughout the mind and body.

When the Root Center is blocked or bound up, you will experience feelings of self doubt, a lack of purpose, along with the never ending list of questions concerning: who am I and what is my purpose in life. These feelings are always accompanied by very low levels of creative energy, a lack of ideas and solutions to life's everyday problems and an inability to create solutions. writing, music...all the things you are dying to say and do...but can't seem to create the opportunity for them to come forward

Blockages in the Root Chakra often result in a lack of creative energy, sexual dysfunction, and most importantly—a disconnection from the body. In other words you are not grounded.

People with a blockage in the root center tend to want to leave their bodies; they fight being incarnate, being born at this time, in this body. This desire to shed the body may stem from several causes: a person may be suffering from a very debilitating illness or they may be unwilling to accept the responsibilities that come with the innate ability to choose. Rather than dealing from the inside out and getting in touch with the body's natural ability to heal itself, these folks choose to abandon the body and all of it's pain.

When the root center is blocked, an individuals have difficulty getting in touch with their deepest inner aspects, the parts that help to heal themselves. They are not grounded and fight being rooted. They will present certain types of anger and avoidance techniques that extremely well developed, techniques designed to keep them separated from themselves.

Possessive love, lust and aberrant sexual behavior are also indications of a blockage in the root center. All of these issues stem from a lack of grounding and an unbalanced sense of identity.

Learning to stay grounded and in the body is a very important first step in doing the work of bringing forward the Essential Self. Being incarnate, being happy in your body, and then being happy with who you are, are necessary states of consciousness you need to experience in order for your vital force and the Essential Self to start flowing through the body and the mind.

We need to experience being grounded and in the body in order to come into union with another powerful essence that is held within the First Chakra—the energy of creation. The creative force of the universe becomes the vital force in your body and mind. This generative power heals your body, makes babies, and brings forward the wondrous creative power of consciousness, invention, and all of the arts.

A great way to tap into this universal creative energy is to open the Root Chakra and begin the process of releasing your vital force, so that it flows freely throughout you body and mind. Opening the Root Chakra creates the conditions that will allow the creative vital force to begin to flow, and to assist in your coming into union with your Essential Self. Working with the music

The Key of C stimulates the Root Chakra and facilitates a release of vital force throughout the body. By opening up the channels to the vital force, the person experiences a free flow of this energy and begins to come in touch with the deeper aspects of their Essential Self.

By stimulating the Essential Self in this way, the issues that are binding up the energy and creating the symptoms presented are addressed. As a result of this stimulation, the bio-energetic aspect becomes unbound. At this point the person begins to heal the wounds that have created the blockages that brought forward the symptoms.

The Key of C helps you resolve the energetic boundaries and impediments surrounding the development of a strong identity and sense of purpose, and the experience of being grounded in your body. The Key of C helps you focus your awareness on what it means to take responsibility for creating your life according to the deepest understanding of what it means to be human, grounded in your body, and knowing your purpose.

Using the Key of C will bring you into your body and will help you to experience being connected within yourself. This key will help to promote a strong sense of self and to foster an understanding of your purpose. The Key of C encourages independence, creativity and healthy sexuality and promotes an understanding of the roots of jealousy and possessive anger.


Breathing: Create a strong intention to perform this exercise. Focus your awareness on the base of the spine. Maintaining awareness of the base of the spine, breathe in and out with rising and falling of the music, relax and come into your body and experience grounding.

Transformational exercise: After listening to the music ask your self these questions. Spend some time during your day going through these issues and examine your response to the questions. Try to formulate a clear picture of how you view the issues presented in these questions.

What is my purpose in life? What are my earliest memories of what I wanted to be? How and when did my understanding of what I wanted to be begin to change? How do I describe my purpose in life now? How does my current purpose align with my deepest sense of purpose? Where are my true talents? How might I express these talents?

THE KEY OF D...The Second Chakra...The Abdomen

Location: The Abdomen

Color: Orange

Musical Key: The Key of D

Concepts and Principals: Relationship and Interconnection

Indications of a blockage:


Lower back pain, abdominal pain and intestinal disruptions; gastro intestinal problems.


Questions about the nature of connection, how do I connect with myself and then to the people I'm closest to—family and friends, colleagues and coworkers; spouses and lovers; fear of relationship; feeling dissociated from others; isolation.

Indications of an open, free flowing Abdominal Chakra


A body that is free of gastric disorders and is experiencing a sense of unimpeded energy through abdominal area.


A healthy understanding of the nature and the meaning of relationship. A positive attitude toward others and a sense of security about oneself.

Key questions: What is the essence of relationship? How are all things interconnected? What does it mean to be in relationship?

Our journey continues with the Second Chakra, the next step on the ladder of the energy system, located in the abdominal area, the seat of the energies of relationship, duality, and the beginnings of self awareness. These principals and concepts are very important aspects of your Essential Self.

Being human means being in relationship. From our earliest moments of consciousness, we begin to know who we are through being "in touch" or "in connection" with another person, usually our mother and then other family members. Our identity — our unique and singular self — is at once separate from the world and the relationships around us and utterly dependent on them for affirmation that we do, in fact, exist. Resolving this apparent duality between "you and me" and "us and them" has always been a basic human challenge.

When the Second Chakra is open and unblocked by your emotions, memories, and desires, you experience a deep sense of self awareness, a feeling of knowing who you are, of being present within yourself and for yourself, and an understanding of your relationship between yourself and, well, yourself.

Along with this feeling of being present, you also experience the sensation of a free flowing movement of your vital force throughout the abdominal region and then flowing through the body. Digestion is easy and emotional storms centering around family issues and you sense of self become quiet and calm.

When the 2nd Chakra is blocked and bound, you may experience sensations of separation both within yourself and from your closest family members. You feel disconnected, not in relationship, agitated and alone. You are not present. You don't feel at home within yourself and you aren't happy in relationship.

At the physical level blockages in the Second Chakra will create gastric disorders, lower back pain, abdominal pain, and intestinal issues. A lot of these symptoms are the physical manifestation of problems with relationships. Most often these symptoms refer to issues with your immediate family members and the ones you love the most. At a slightly deeper level, there may be a problem with your understanding of the concept of relationship itself. This lack of understanding leads to all sorts of internal and external troubles, especially in the immediate family circle

This is where the practice of observing reality as it is becomes very helpful. When you open up this Center in your meditations, chances are you will experience a flood of deeply held and suppressed emotion concerning you and your family. Remember, just observe. Spend some time being with these feelings, with the understanding that the feelings are part of you, part of your life experience. By simply observing these feelings rather than trying to run away from them, or worse, trying to stop them from being present in your awareness, you will allow for the presence of the emotions to flow through you. And you know what? By simply taking the step of just observing them, the emotions will pass through you, leaving you feeling much more whole, more present. This will get you through any storms that you might experience.

Learning to be present for yourself and others is the next step in creating the conditions that allow the Essential Self to come forward. Here you are beginning to understand the nature of relationship and how important that function is to your sense of well being and to your purpose. Being present ultimately means being happy with yourself and with you relationships with others

Working with the music:

The Key of D helps you resolve the energetic boundaries and the impediments surrounding the ability to enter into primary relationships and to connect more deeply with ourselves. It helps you clarify your understanding of what is needed to learn about yourself through the window of close relationships. The Key of D further helps you learn to accept responsibility for your participation in relationships. It helps to focus awareness on the dynamic exchange between separateness and union.

Using the Key D produces an understanding of the nature of connection and then what it means to be in relationship. This key promotes loving and receptive relationships with family and friends, colleagues and coworkers, spouses and lovers. Lastly, the Key of D facilitates the perception of the dynamic exchange between our singular selves and the people with whom we are closest. Exercises

Breathing: Create a strong intention to perform this exercise. Focus your awareness on your abdominal area. Maintaining awareness of this area, breathe in and out along with the music, relax and begin to experience being present for yourself and in your relationship with others

Transformational: After listening to the music ask your self these questions. Spend some time during your day going through these issues and examine your response to the questions. Try to formulate a clear picture of how you view the issues presented in these questions.

Which relationships are most important in my life? With friends? Family? Colleagues? What makes these relationships important? How do they nourish me? Where are there problems in these relationships? What would I like to improve in these relationships?

THE KEY OF E...The Third Chakra...The Solar Plexus

Location: The Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Musical Key: The Key of E

Concepts and principals: Choice and Locating

Indications of a blockage:

Physical: Shortness of breath, localized pain in the area of the solar plexus, contraction of the diaphragm.

Psychological: An inability to define one's position or relationship to the external, chronic discontent with the details of one's life; mental agitation based on attachment to preconceived ideas about what will make you and those associated with you happy.

Indications of an open, free flowing Abdominal Chakra:

Physical: A body that breaths deeply and regularly, without panic or anxiety influencing one's attitude and behaviors. Psychological: A feeling of being centered and a knowing of who you are and where you are. The ability to make a choice and not be plagued by doubts about the "rightness of your decision." Key questions: How do I define who I am in relationship to the world? What is my position in the world around me? Does the world define me or do I define myself within it?

Moving to the next step on the ladder of the energy system, we come to the Third Chakra, the seat of the energies of reception, unification, and becoming centered: aspects of the Essential Self that are deeply empowered by your ability to choose.

The Third Chakra is about your relationship to the world around you and how you define that relationship. In the abdominal center (the second center) we were dealing with the relationship between the various aspects of the self and our immediate familial interactions. In the solar plexus center we are taking this one step further and dealing with how we place ourselves in the world at large, literally, how we define our relationship to three dimensional space and time.

When the Third Chakra is open and free flowing you will experience a sense of being centered and a deep knowing of who and where you truly are. A sense of confident calm often accompanies these feelings. Your ability to make clear decisions is improved and you stop being plagued by any doubts born of wondering whether you have made the right decision.

An opened Third Chakra also promotes regular and steady breathing, without the energies of panic and anxiety interfering with you natural breathing pattern.

Blockages in the Third Chakra are profound. You may experience shortness of breath and a tendency toward panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. You may be faced with the inability to define your position or relationship with the external world and experience chronic discontent with the details of your life. A great deal of psychic energy seems to be spent answering the questions—"what is my position in the world?" and "what is my role in the world?" The need to answer these questions and others relating to these issues is based on your attachment to preconceived ideas about what will make you and those associated with you happy, and these attachments create a good deal of mental agitation and anxiety.

Learning to let go of these preconceptions is the next step in creating the conditions that allows the Essential Self to come forward. Begin to experience the action of receiving —receiving yourself, your family and friends, and then finally the world around you.

As always, it really helps if you develop the ability to see the world for what it truly is and not what you want it to be. Your sense of agitation stems from your desire for the world, your family and your friends— all the circumstances of your life— to be the fulfillment of your desires and the expectation that these desires will be fulfilled. These perspectives are the source of your feelings of disappointment and self doubt. All of this can be resolved with the decision to see the world around you and your location within it for what it truly is, not for what you want it to be.

By allowing yourself to let go of these desires, and the preconceptions and expectations that accompany them, you are allowing yourself to be happy about being in your body, in relationship, and in the world of three dimensional space, with all of its troubles and responsibilities and yes— all of its beauty and wonder.

You are beginning the work of opening the Third Chakra, initiating the practice of centering and creating the opportunity for the experience of the essence of unity to be present within your awareness, your body and your mind. A practice that will over time create the experience of Unity —Unity within yourself and Unity with the world around you.

Working with the music:

The Key of E helps you resolve the energetic boundaries and the impediments surrounding the perception of your true position within the world around you. It will help clarify your understanding of how these relationships unfold without judgment. Working with the Key of E will facilitates the sense of security and self-confidence born of knowing who you are in relation to the world around you. This work will strengthen your capacity to establish a conscious relationship to the process of the unfolding of human consciousness and your Essential Self.

Using the Key E will help you clarify your position in the world of three dimensional space and help you maintain a harmonious relationship with the world around you. Over time, using the Key of E will help you learn how to take creative action that is in harmony with that understanding. The Key of E stimulates openness to the unfolding of personal and universal patterns in order to see them more clearly, keeping you centered and happy in your body and in the world. Exercises:

Breathing: Create a strong intention to perform this exercise. Focus your awareness on the solar plexus. Maintaining an awareness of this area, breathe in and out with the music evokes. Relax and feel yourself becoming centered and experience the unity of the body and the mind.

Going deeper:

In the beginning of the session try to generate long sustaining breaths that emerge from the solar plexus area. As the sessions proceeds, let go of this effort and allow the body to take over the mind. You will notice that when the body begins to "naturally" breath in this fashion that the Third Chakra has begun to open. You should try to carry this experience with you throughout the day.

Transformational: After listening to the music ask your self these questions. Spend some time during your day going through these issues and examine your response to the questions. Try to formulate a clear picture of how you view the issues presented in these questions.

How do I see myself in relationship to the world around me? Do I define my position in the universe or does it define me? Do I see any patterns in the evolution and development of my relationships — personal and professional? What are the predominant patterns in my relationships with others? What do I learn — and have to relearn — in the replay of these patterns? What do the patterns in my relationships tell me about the choices I make? How can I further unify with the external?

THE KEY OF F...The Fourth Chakra...The Heart

Location: The Heart

Color: Green

Musical key: The Key of F

Key concepts: Transformation and unconditional love


Physical: Chest pain, rapid heartbeat, hypertension, high blood pressure

Psychological: Loneliness; injury; grief; fear of love. Inability to make commitments; weak identity; minimal self awareness; minimal self acceptance. A constant experience of the "two selves" rejecting the resolution and the realization of the true self.

Indications of a free flowing open Fourth Chakra:

Physical: A calm and steady pulse, a feeling of natural life energy moving through the body.

Psychological: An understanding of simultaneity and the nature of interconnection. A sense of contentment and a feeling of wholeness. An ability to experience and communicate unconditional love.

Key questions:

How are all things interconnected? What is my true nature? What does it mean to love myself? What does it mean to experience unconditional love? The fourth Center of the Heart Chakra is the pivotal point in the energetic body. Being the midpoint of the stream of vital force, this center is perhaps the most influential of all seven energy centers.

All roads lead to the Heart Chakra, seat of the energies of interconnection, transformation, and the beauty of unconditional love—aspects of our Essential Self and its pure heart. This pure heart knows and is, the essence of unconditional love. Deeply hidden by the layers of our needs and attachments, this essence—our true nature—is waiting to emerge.

The opened and free flowing Heart Chakra resonates with the energy of this transformation. Embodied in the heart itself, this center naturally performs the function of giving and receiving simultaneously, in accordance with the function the heart. Giving and receiving, giving and receiving, all in one motion, all at the same time, taking nothing, giving and sustaining life. The heart center is a pivotal point in the energetic body.

Blockages in Heart Chakra are some of the most painful and difficult to transcend. Feelings of loneliness and the sadness that emotion brings are present, as is the state of confusion that comes from a division and a splitting within the consciousness... this debilitating state of duality creates a sense of immobilization and an inability to make a commitment.

At a deeper level this lack of commitment creates the energy of judgment that always interferes with the experience of unconditional love, the understanding of wholeness and the nature of interconnection.

Physically, a blocked Heart Chakra will produce symptoms similar to high blood pressure, rapid pulse, chest pains, and a stiffness in the chest cavity. Panic attacks and feelings of anxiety often accompany these physical conditions.

A blockage in the heart area points to a need for personal transformational change at the deepest psychological and physical levels. If this blockage is successfully met and removed you may experience emergence of the True Self, the higher self that lives within all of us.

The opportunity for this type of transformation is made possible once you accept the depth of your interconnectedness between all the aspects of yourself and the world in which we live.

Transforming the energy of the heart is, in a sense, our life's work. Revealing the true purity of unconditional love is one of the most difficult a human being can choose to take on. Learning to be present with our feelings and transcending our possessive, demanding natures seems to be a never ending story, born of our inability to simply accept all things for what they are and stop trying to make them into what we want them to be. Opening the heart creates the opportunity to transcend this ancient human pattern and embrace the beauty of giving and receiving And after all, is not the nature of unconditional love the understanding of how to receive without wanting anything in return?

The knowledge of our interconnectedness with the world around us produces a transformation of the self. This transformation resolves the perceptual problem of our separateness from each other and from the natural world. "The world is in me and I am in it" — this is the transformational essence of the heart.

Working with the music:

The Key of F helps you resolve the energetic boundaries and impediments surrounding your capacity to receive the essence of unconditional love, from without and within. Using the Key of F facilitates an experience of the unification of the body/mind at a deep level, which in turn encourages you to release the impediments surrounding the true self. This key helps you learn to focus your awareness on the many facets of interconnectedness and stimulates an experience of unification within yourself, with one another and with the world around you. Lastly, the Key of F supports the user to behave in harmony with the experience of the unity of the self and all beings


Breathing: Create a strong intention to perform this exercise. Focus awareness on the heart area. Maintaining awareness of the heart area, breathe in and out with the music, relax and experience the transformational power of unconditional love.

Transformational: After listening to the music ask your self these questions. Spend some time during your day going through these issues and examine your response to the questions. Try to formulate a clear picture of how you view the issues presented in these questions.

Who and what do I love? What is the quality of the love I give and receive? Is it generous? unconditional? demanding? Do I let love flow through me freely? What are the occasions in my life when I have loved deeply? What conditions made this possib

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