The Transformative Power of Personal Writing with Christina Baldwin

We are the storytellers. We think in words. Whatever we live through becomes real to us as we turn raw experience into the story of what's happening. We speak stories over and over, deepening our understanding of their significance. There is another layer of this gift we can give ourselves: the power of writing our own lives. The parts of our experience we write are our lifelines.

  • Writing is a practice. We become dedicated to writing because it informs our whole lives. We write to live twice the moments that are most precious, haunting, joyful, intriguing, or unresolved. We savor and explore these moments for their lessons, even when our experiences have been difficult. Keeping a journal, doing morning or evening pages, making computer files that are creative space, even keeping a web-log, are all ways to explore our lifelines.
  • Writing is a relationship. Like all relationships, it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard; there are times we are in the groove and times every word is an effort. We may stop writing for long periods, and yet never put away the idea that writing helps. Writing always welcomes us back; we just pick up the pen or start typing and begin our story again.
  • Writing is a way of life that informs action. As we develop the self-understanding that writing offers, we proceed more confidently into the world. This confidence translates into action. By writing, we observe how our story changes, and how changing the story helps and heals. We learn that we can work things through; that our first reactions and assumptions aren't the everlasting truth; that our relationships have tremendous capacity to evolve. Over time, we discover how awareness from reflective writing can be applied directly to active moments. We can put context around events and join in making meaning out of what's happening around us. Because we have been practicing with our own story, we know how to use words to make social stories that work for all. We become less afraid of change.
  • Writing is a legacy. We take leadership in how experiences are framed and held in our families, organizations, and communities. We leave stories and insights that serve those who come after us. We enjoy a lifelong dialogue with Spirit about the meaning, purpose, and service of our lives.
Christina Baldwin

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Christina Baldwin is an author, educator, speaker, and retreat leader. She is known for her groundbreaking work in the fields of personal writing, group process, and spirituality. With author, Ann Lin...


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