What Is the Oneness Blessing? with Arjuna Ardagh

We have all been touched by grace at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes we recognize it, and sometimes we don’t. The Oneness Blessing is that same grace but with a tremendous focus and intent.

It originates out of the Oneness University in southern India, where it is known as “deeksha” (a Sanskrit word meaning initiation or benediction). The Oneness Blessing is believed to be the force of the divine, infused with sacred direction and intelligence, and present today to awaken humanity to its full potential.

It is not a skill one learns; rather it is a means whereby one is simply washed clean of oneself by experiencing and letting go of things held from the past. After enough preparation, which mainly involves discovering how to be still and step out of the way, the Blessing can come through the one giving it—and dramatically transform the consciousness and well-being of the recipient.

Arjuna Ardagh

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Arjuna Ardagh is the founder of the Living Essence Foundation in Nevada City, California, a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of consciousness within the context of ordinary life. He...


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