Why Distant Healing? with Jack Angelo

There are factors and situations where hands-on help is just not possible. This is the case with the disabled, those in some kind of confinement, those with a mental or behavioral condition, the sick, and of course those who live just too far away. As a Distant Healer, none of these factors presents a barrier to your being able to offer help.

Similarly, because Distant Healing works at an energetic level, it's an ideal way to address the two urgent issues of our time—environmental and societal problems, whether local or global.

The feeling that you want to help another or do something about a situation is the instinct to heal. When people ask me if they need special qualifications to work as a Distant Healer, I assure them that the most important qualification is this instinct, which comes from the heart.

Jack Angelo

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Jack Angelo has been a teacher, writer, and healer in the fields of energy medicine and natural spirituality since the mid-1980s. Since then he has developed Distant Healing—a comprehensive heali...


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